Here then are some observations from a good win over a competent opposition. First of all (since I am going to pick the odd nit) I must stress how impressed I was with this performance individually and collectively. There were lots of good bits of skill on show especially some razor sharp basics, and the individual performaces added up to a really good team performance.

The passing was really good. I cant remember a misplaced pass or even an underhit pass. Ball speed v good, accuracy v good. However, a few instances of trying to force a pass through a defender rather than working the ball around her. 8/10

Movement good, especially when having won the ball in the tackle, team responded very quickly to make opportunities of the break. Good lines of running – into a space and not behind a defender. One niggle is all the runs tended to be forward – away from ball carrier and towards markers. 7/10

Without the ball good (I am not using the word ‘defening’ in case you think I only mean the back 4 – I mean how did the whole team defend). Andover really struggled to find a pass in our half. Passes they did find were well marked and offen pressured into errors. A word about covering; when your marker has got past you, you need to run behind the next defender. For example, the wide defender needs to run direct to the Penalty spot, behind the central defender. The CD will see what you are doing, and will close down the ball carrier with confidence, knowing that there is cover behind her. Both Liz and Emily did this well in the second half.

I am very pleased that I watched this game. You are playing some very direct, aggressive, fluent hockey giving me a really good base to try to build on, and I now have about the next 3 sessions worked out !

See you Thursday


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