Romsey Men 3rd XI travelled to Fordingbridge in their 2nd game of the 2013/14 season.

Romsey made their mark from the offset by dominating Fordingbridge’s half and taking several early chances at goal. But it was Captain Matt Clark who opened the scoring when Mark McArdle burst into the D to find Clark on the left post. Clark swung and chipped the ball high barely making it into the top right of the goal above the keeper.

Continuing forward Romsey’s next goal came from a penalty corner. With the initial drag flick from Tim Bailey being saved it fell to Jim East to slam it home.

Next up was Fergus Longman to add his stamp to the game when Clark slipped the ball through Fordingbridge’s defence to find Longman alone in the D. Longman took a first time strike placed it neatly under the keeper.

Romsey’s fourth goal came from a two on one situation with the keeper between Longman and Pete Cooper. Cooper picked out Bailey outside the D to make a quick pass to Longman on the right. Fordingbridge’s keeper came off his mark for Longman to slip under his shoulder for Cooper to chip it into the goal.

Romsey’s fifth goal came from Player of 2012/13 season McArdle. McArdle made some superb moves around players in the D to flick it over the keeper.

Pushing close to half time Romsey were able to make it 6-0 when MOTM Jacob Arney piled up the left wing past several players. Just outside the D Arney hit a powerful strike into the D for Clark to rebound the ball into the goal from the right hand post.

The 2nd half of the game saw Romsey continue their game with further opportunities on goal. Romsey’s 7th goal came after the initial strike on goal from McArdle was saved by Fordingbridge’s energetic keeper for Captain Clark to gobble up the rebound tallying his 3rd for the game.

Romsey soon afterwards created a penalty corner opportunity after finding a foot in Fordingbridge’s D. East swiftly injected the ball for Bailey to take a first time strike. The strike deflected off a Fordingbridge stick and chipped up into the goal. Sadly both umpires did not see the deflection and the goal was disallowed.

Romsey not phased by this continued to keep up the pressure when MOTM Arney made his mark when Cooper made a neat pass between the defence for Arney to tap home.

McArdle soon after added his 2nd and Romsey’s 9th of the game when he neatly slipped it into the bottom left of the goal leaving Fordingbridge’s keeper standing.

Next on the scoreboard was winger Alex Halcoussis adding his first goal of the season. After a free hit ball fell to Romsey outside the D, Halcoussis headed to the base line and took his shot. Initially being saved, Halcoussis hit again taping the ball between the keeper’s legs and accidently back healed into the goal making the score 10-0.

Nearing the end of the game Romsey created several penalty corner opportunities with one coming extremely close when Bailey drag flicked a powerful strike into the framework. Keen to add his mark Bailey did not give up and kept hunting for the 11th goal. Nearing end of play Cooper made it past the defence to pick out Bailey running into the D. Cooper made the pass and put Bailey one on one with the keeper. Bailey made no mistake and pulled it around the keeper and tapped it into the backboard making it 11-0 for the final whistle.

Next week Romsey Men 3rd XI take on Bournemouth at home.

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