Ladies summer league finished on a high, as the Tuesday night team met the Wednesday night team for the final game of the summer.

With 26 ladies turning out, it was the captain Erica Jenner’s Wednesday night team who drew the short straw to change into blue tops! However, the Blue’s weren’t phased, as they had a trick up their sleeve…in the shape of a fabulous goalie!

New Umpire Uniform?!

New Umpire Uniform?!

Gemma Simpson captained the Yellow team, and got the game started under the watchful eyes of two lovely umpires. Our umpires shone, not only by their competence with the whistle, but also by their attire.

Could the shirt and tie look catch on in the umpiring world?!

The game was played a good pace, with everyone working hard to make runs despite the warm evening. There were a a few goals at each end, and a lot of good spirited play.

The oldies on both teams used their experience and wisdom to spread the ball around. But it was the youngsters who shone through.

Emily Williams broke through the Yellow defence several times supported by Rosie Middleton and Tilda Bryant in the Blue’s midfield.

The Yellow team developed some beautiful attacks of their own, with Anna Pollard and Abi James’ getting into some fantastic positions, and linking well with the players around them. Laura Kemp, in goal for the Blue’s, showed off some incredible reactions and decision making to thwart many Yellow attacks.

The final mention goes to the Herbert’s, as Gabby welcomed her younger sister Gigi onto the pitch. Solid and calm defensive manner runs in the family, as neither were prepared to let any attacker have an easy run.

All in all, a super summer league of hockey. Players have developed their individual skills, and have learnt to play with others from across the different teams. The quality and enthusiasm of the hockey bodes well for the coming season. Bring on 2014-15!

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