Ladies 1s (1) – (2) Havant 2s

Scorers: Phillips

Romsey Ladies 1st XI took on second-place Havant 2s, in their second home game of the season. In a tough, physical contest, Romsey battled hard but came away without any points after an unfortunate goal a few minutes from time.

The first half saw the visitors apply pressure high up the pitch, with probing attacks to find any weaknesses. Romsey were up to the challenge, and worked together to make decisive tackles. Liz Forbes and Jane Palmer made several decisive tackles, marshalling attackers out of the danger area.

Goal keeper Laura Kemp was on form, ever alert and dealing with shots and loose balls with great composure.

Late in the first half, with the score 0-0, Havant made a break away, finding themselves entering the D, and preparing for the shot. With Romsey looking temporarily vulnerable, Emily Slade made a huge super-hero like diving tackle, perfectly timed to take the ball cleanly, averting the danger.

The second half saw both teams pushing hard to get the edge.

Romsey had a fantastic spell mid-way into the second half. Great pressure up the right hand side by Emma Beeching caused a real stir in the visitors defence. The ten minute spell saw powerful shots from Kate Moss and Beeching, as well as a couple of short corners opportunities. After several shots from the short, the ball fell to Erica Jenner near the top of the D who smashed the ball high towards the goal. Credit must go to the Havant goalie, who was up quickly after saving the initial shots, to make a reaction save with her pad at head height.

The pressure had got to Havant, as a defensive error gave promising youngster Jade Phillips an opportunity to change the scoreline. Phillips pounced on the mistake, picked up the ball and shrugging off the defender and took her shot at goal. As the goalie came out, the ball got caught between her pads. Not to be denied, Phillips reacted fastest, gathering the ball, and putting Romsey ahead. A fantastic debut goal for Phillips, well taken and well deserved.

Unfortunately, Havant found a quick reply and equalised using their strength in the D, with the final shot being deflected past the goalie by a Romsey stick.

With only a few minutes to go, Havant claimed a few more short corners, and eventually found the winner, to make it 2-1 and take all the points.

An annoying end to what was a fairly even game, with chances for both sides and a high standard of competition. Romsey captain Jenner commented, “it’s disappointing to come away from the game without any points, but the game was incredibly even, and I feel confident that we can take all the points next time”. Romsey’s goalkeeper Kemp won player of the match for a series of top quality saves, and for saving Romsey’s bacon on numerous occasions .

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