L2 Match Reports

Romsey Ladies 2nd XI (3) v (1) Havant Ladies 3A XI
Scorers: Gilbert 2, Cooper 1
With a score to settle following an unpleasant match on Havant’s home ground last season, Romsey went out fighting. The first 25 minutes of the game were all about Romseys skill, slick passing, running into space and notoriously solid defence. Romsey had a number of chances on goal, but some brave and skillfull keeping by the Havant goalie kept them in the game.  Unfortunately a small lapse of concentration led to a Havant penalty corner, which despite her best efforts, stand in goalkeeper and joint player of the match Captain Bethan Knights, missed a save by millimetres putting the dominate side down 1 goal to nil. Romsey rallied round and quickly went back on the attack and following some great passing in midfield, Anna Gilbert put her first goal in the back of the net. This left the game at 1-1 at the end of the first half, with Romsey in control of play but needing more goals to take the win.
The second half started much like the first, and a following a great run and shot on goal by Alice Shoebridge, joint player of the match Bobs Cooper showed some incredible skill to pick the saved aerial rebound in the air bounce it on the end of her stick and into the goal, taking Romsey into the lead. Havant then upped their game and put Romsey under a period of significant pressure, but the defensive back line held their own and despite some nervy  moments kept their lines clear. The last 5 minutes saw Romsey get back into the swing of things, showing Havant how hockey should be played, and the final whistle ended on a penalty corner to Romsey, which was deftly converted into Anna Gilbert’s second goal of the match and a final score line of 3-1. Lots for the team still to work on but the Ladies 2’s are showing the league what they are made of this season!

Romsey Ladies 2nd XI 2 – 1 Yateley Ladies 2nd XI


Romsey battle hard to earn 3 points for their first home fixture of the season.

After a solid start to the season Romsey Ladies 2nd XI went out to win their first home fixture of this season. Romsey started strong, completely dominating the first 20 minutes of play. A well-rehearsed press and brilliant team play put Yateley under some serious pressure, but unfortunately Romsey couldn’t convert this pressure into goals leaving the score at 0-0. Finally, after a solid period of play, the ball was cleanly worked up the pitch from the defence to midfielder Bobs Copper who ran it into the D and passed it across the goal to be calmly slotted behind the keeper by Ellie Rowlings. The rest of the first half was frantic as Romsey lost their formation and let Yateley back into the game. Some messy defending resulted in a weak goal from the Yateley team, making the score line 1-1 at the end of the first half, and definitely not a fair reflection of the passage of play.

After a strong team talk Romsey came out fighting, and although Yateley had upped their game, Romsey continued to dominate as they had in the first 20 minutes. Captain Bethan Knights had plenty of chances with strong shots on goal from the edge of the D, but the Yateley goalie was strong, and kept her line clear. As the minutes ticked away Romsey’s fight got stronger and there was an obvious determination that the team were not going to lose this match. Some great skills from Elaine Gibson, the Player of the Match, saw Romsey get a Penalty Corner with just a few minutes left on the clock. Romsey saw their chance and following a clean injection, Amy Edwards at the top of the D swiftly passed the ball to Sophie Lawson who used all her skill to stop it on the back line and pass it across the goalie to Bethan Knights who quickly pushed it passed a defender and into the back of the goal. The last couple of minutes Romsey defended hard and kept the ball away from their D, and created even more opportunities up front, with the game finally ending on two Romsey Penalty Corners that they couldn’t quite put it away. It was a well fought game that Romsey deserved to win, but that will see the team reflecting on their ability to finish their chances and ultimately score more goals.

All Romsey games this weekend  were preceded by one minute’s silence for one of Hampshire’s most loved and respected figures Roger Merry of Southampton HC 
Romsey ladies looked the more  skillful team by far in their second league match of the season against the newly promoted Haslemere. Despite Romsey pressing high up the pitch in the opening 15 minutes and enjoying most of the possession Haselmere’s defensive man-to-man marking scuppered several goal scoring opportunities in the first half
With the midway score remaining 0-0 Romsey changed formation, partnering Lesley Humphreys with Charlie Bouchard up-front – a  tactic which quickly provided Romsey’s breakthrough. Alice Shoebridge took a sideline ball high up the pitch, feeding it back to captain Bethan Knights who fired it into the D for Bouchard to sweep in from the far post.
Haslemere responded with a change of pace and broke through Romsey’s midfield several times although they rarely troubled Romsey keeper Georgie Pugh.
With just one substitute Romsey were under pressure but an outstanding performance player of the match Tilda Bryant and impressive play by newbies Rosie Middleton and Liv Berry helped ensure Romsey held on to their slim lead for a 1-0 victory.

Romsey Ladies 2s (3) vs (0) Andover 2s

Scorers: Cooper, Humphries & Lawson

Romsey dominate in front of home crowd as junior players put on a stunning performance and get their names on the scoreboard.

Ladies 2 consolidated a season of solid performance with a 3 nil victory against Andover. Romsey took control from the onset, pressing high and driving the ball at the Andover defence. The adobes goal keeper had an outstanding match deflecting attack after attack from Romsey . However, a deflection from a short corner saw junior player Bobs Cooper reverse lift the ball into the back of the goal to give Romsey the initial lead.

It wasn’t long before Romsey forwards Humphries and Gilbert drove the ball again, the pair battling to break Andover defence and Humphries converted, Romsey (2) Andover (0).

Andover broke quickly in the second half earning themselves a couple of short corners but the experienced Romsey defence cleared the ball with easy. Player of the match Sophie Lawson skilfully speed past the opposition driving along the wing, battling for every ball before winning a short corner, and this scoring her first goal of the season.

Overall a tremendous game played by Romsey and a true reflection of the hard work and development throughout the season.

A massive thank you to Tom Greenwood who umpired this match on behalf of Romsey and to David Edwards the ladies 2 coach who has mentored and encouraged us throughout the season.

Romsey 2 (1) vs Aldershot & Farnham (1)

Scorers: Edwards

Aldershot & Farnham travelled to Romsey in a 4/5th place clash: a match that always promised to be competitive, feisty and undecided until the final whistle.

An evenly matched game saw the ball to and fro from team to team with both teams pressing high, trapping the balls and pressurising the opposition. However, it would be Aldershot & Farnham who would take the lead; attacking the Romsey defence. Strength and teamwork saw Romsey clear the ball away but a deflection from Aldershot gave the visitors the lead.

Never the less the Romsey midfield retaliated driving the ball continuously into the Aldershot half. Player of the match Tilda Bryant skilfully cruising down the wing and feeding the ball to the Romsey forwards.

A short corner moment before half time saw Romsey equalise with a straight strike from the top of the D clattering into the back of the goal, powered by centre back Amy Edwards who came forward for the corner. Romsey (1) Aldershot & Farnham (1).

The second half saw end to end action with both teams battling for possession and a chance to take lead. Short corners were won and remained unconverted with the final whistle confirming a draw.

A massive thank you to Peter Lloyd who umpired this match on behalf of Romsey.

Ladies 2 (3) vs (0) Winchester 3s

Scorers: Hurley, Gilbert, Humphrey

Romsey ladies 2s remain undefeated on home soil as they secured a 3-0 win against local rivals Winchester. A damp morning at Romsey saw the ladies 2 put their training into practice and play a new formation, pressing high.

Winchester had first push back but Romsey pressed hard and dominated the play from the onset, driving tirelessly at the goal and resetting with haste when they lost possession.

After several attempts at scoring Sophie Hurley, player of the match would give the home side the lead, driving down the wing, along the baseline behind the defence and ultimately the keeper, Romsey (1) Winchester (0)

Seconds into the second half the ball was driven by Kate Moss, returning from injury, slid the ball into the forwards where an injection from the top of the D was converted by Anna Gilbert to give the home team a 2-nil advantage.

Winchester nevertheless were undeterred and counter-attacked aggressively making successive attacks on the Romsey defence and even winning penalty corners. Romsey defence stood hard and with all players but centre forward Lesley Humphreys defending, a perfect opportunity for a break arose.

The ball was powered to Humphreys who drove hastily tailed by a Winchester defender and made the most of the one-on-one with the keeper, with a straight strike from the top of D in the corner of the goal, Romsey (3) Winchester (1).

The high press formation encouraged some tactical play with Romsey defenders Maree Welch and Tracy Nicholl both driving into the D and having shots on goal.

A thoroughly deserved win, and proof training has results. Coach Dave Edwards was very satisfied with the result and even more pleased at the way the team had implemented the tactics.

A massive thank you to Dave Miles who umpired this match on behalf of Romsey.

Romsey Ladies 2 (0) vs (4) Havant 3a

Romsey were defeated in a frustrating match at HMS Dyrad.

First push back saw Romsey dominate with possession from the onset with player of the match Sophie Hurley driving down the wing with the help of Bobs Cooper. It wasn’t long before Romsey took their first strike at the Havant keeper but they were unsuccessful.

Havant retaliated and drive fast and with a straight strike from the top of the D took the lead. Moments before half time Romsey look set to equalise with a short corner to Sophie Lawson, converted by Ella Palmer. However, frustratingly it hit a Romsey foot before the conversion and was disallowed.

Undeterred Romsey went into the second half fighting. Never the less Havant were to score again and again and again, with the home team taking the lead 4-0. Romsey young keeper Georgie Pugh held her own with some incredible saves and fantastic evening sportsmanship.

Unfortunately, it was not Romsey’s day. Thank you to Peter Lloyd for umpiring this match.

Romsey Ladies 2s (2) V (1) Southampton 3s

Scorers: Palmer, Humphreys

Romsey ladies 2nd XI confidently took three points on home soil against local rivals Southampton.

A strong attacking start saw Romsey dominate possession from the on-set with player of the match Gigi Herbert defending valiantly and driving hastily up the wing to support the Romsey forwards. However, unable to convert Southampton soon began to take advantage with some breaks of their own.

As the half time whistle went the game remained goal-less. However, Romsey aggressively took possession within seconds of the second half with Bethan Knights and Lesley Humphreys driving into the D. Knights strike was unsuccessful but a touch from Humphreys and a deflection from a Southampton stick saw Romsey take the lead.

Southampton determined to equalize defended hard and made the most of every ball, taking free-hits early and driving down the wings. Nevertheless Romsey made a second break with strike from Ella Palmer giving Romsey a 2-0 advantage.

Seconds before the final whistle Southampton won a short corner, which they successfully converted with a text-book finish to make the final score 2-1 to Romsey.

Ladies 2nd XI (1) vs (1) United Services Portsmouth

Scorer: Humphries

After 4 hockey-free weeks enjoying the festivities and mince pies Romsey 2nds earnt themselves a well deserved point against United Services Portsmouth.

Romsey dominated possession from the onset however, USP on soggy home soil were determined to give Romsey an even game. The determination and commitment of both teams was portrayed within minutes of the first whistle with Romsey right-wing Sophie Hurley battling with UPS and the umpire awarding a bully-off. Hurley was successful at winning possession and drove into the D.

Never the less it was USP that took the advantage with a spectacular cross across the front of the keeper which looked to have missed the goal until it was delicately deflected into the corner to put the home side ahead.

Heads held high Romsey battled to regain possession and replied with a strong attack winning a short corner. Short corner after short corner took the game to half time and Romsey were unable to convert.

In the second half USP were quick on the break and Amy Edwards stood fast deflecting and intercepting the advancing USP. Romsey continued to volley the ball back with players of the match; Captain Bethan Knights and Sally Shrubb driving the ball effortlessly up the middle of the pitch. Romsey continued to win attacking short corners, unsuccessfully converting. However, a strike from Lesley Humphries at the top of D levelled the score.

Moments before the final whistler USP won a short corner and the tension increased as they look set to take the lead again. Romsey deflected the ball and another short corner was awarded, the Romsey defence stood fast and cleared it.

After a well-battle and even match, Romsey drew and took home a point before the heavens opened.

Romsey Ladies 2 (3) vs Havant (1)

Scorers: Edwards, Hurley, Palmer.

Dank and dreary winter weather couldn’t dampen Ladies 2 spirits as they battled the elements to secure a win at Romsey against Havant. The first half saw end to end action from both sides. Havant demonstrating their experience and maturity as a team with strong tackling and accurate passes. With Romsey intercepting and driving with the ball at every opportunity however, it would be Havant who would earn themselves several short corners before finally securing a penalty flick against Romsey’s young and upcoming goal keeping Georgie Pugh. Despite a valiant effort a deflection from the goals keepers stick saw Havant take the lead minutes before half time.

Despite weather the Romsey supporters were out in force providing much appreciated moral, support and umbrellas. This weekends match saw a number of players in unfamiliar positions though that didn’t affect performance. Alice Shoebridge (player of the match) taking a defensive role in her stride, continuously fending off Havant attacks before clearing the ball to Romsey midfields who attached in unison: winning a penalty flick. Amy Edwards demonstrating a perfect flick under pressure thus equalising the score.

During the second half Romsey maintained possession and continued to attack the Havant defence though without any conversions. With only 10 minutes to go Havant made the most of 16 yard hit and broke early, driving into the Romsey defence. Romsey cleared the ball quickly, which was received by player of the match, Sophie Hurley who drove the ball down the wing before cutting across the back of Havant defence taking a shot at goal. The keeper lurched forward to clear the ball, stopping the attack though Hurley made the most of the keeper being on the floor and tapped the ball between her knees, giving the home team the advantage.

Havant fought hard with the resulting pushback though Romsey regained possession immediately. Lesley Humphries powering a shot at goal which was deflected by Ella Palmer and the far post taking the score to 3-1. With only minutes to go Romsey changed their tactics and played defensively. Working to clear the ball and maintain the possession against Havant who fought tirelessly and fiercely until the final whistle.

A thoroughly well deserved win for Romsey.



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