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Well crikey what a lot we’ve covered. Passing, receiving, hitting, pushing slapping, flicking, backhand hitting, short corners, shifting the point of attack, passing with disguise, goal scoring, tackling, defending and a partridge in a pear tree. I have enjoyed myself enourmously not least because you have all turned up, paid attention and done what I have asked. What coach could ask for anything more ?

I understand that both the 1st XI and the 3rd XI can secure promotion with wins on saturday – good luck to you all and remember, if you win I shall take all the credit thank to my brilliant coaching, but if you lose it’s all your own fault !

If I still have the job I shall see you all next season.

Jim East

Fordingbridge 6’s festival is coming soon, and Romsey are helping out.

So passing with disguise then – you all laughed didn’t you, when Carly and I were talking about selling the dummy and wrong footing defenders, and then you all did it brilliantly ! So there – I told you you were great didn’t I ?

Anyway, where was I ?

It is in fact an incredibly simple skill, but really effective. You should all practice passing with disguise, but as you have found, you can sell the dummy just as easily with a look, or a feint.

The act of preparing to pass in one direction very often causes the defender to commit to an attempt to intercept.

You can use this ruse to help complete passes, but also to beat a defender on the run.

OK – sorry for the late post – I’ve been very busy at work.

Right, the session 1 week ago we practised short corners. Above is a youtube vid from England hockey demonstrating the various skills and some variations.

The key point I want to make is the importance of, oh lets call it rhythm. Each part of the routine needs to be smoothly executed without delay but also without rush. If the rhythm is right everyone can anticipate and move early, so the routine is fast, but each individual player can move relatively slowly.

Well here’s a thing. I had been trying to build an animation to describe what I was trying to explain and failing miserably. God help you all, but here is a video of tiddly-winks on a coaching pad with me doing a voice over. If you are none the wiser after this, and want to demand a membership refund I’m not sure I’ll blame you, except to say, as my wife tires of hearing, I will get better at this.

These are the things we did in the rain, and what I hope you will get out of them :

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