M4s beat Portsmouth 3-2

In a tense clash at the bottom of the table it was Romsey who eventually ran out winners, but only just.

The game started well for Romsey, there was no rain, but Romsey had a Noah at right back just in case. He combined with Mike Pooley early on to set up Dan Blackman, but the final shooting chance was blocked. 
Jim East at the back combined with Gordon F and Ben Butcher to first play in Ellison B down the left and then Freddie O, but again no final result.
Romsey took the lead from a penalty corner move, the ball went when outside the circle but was played back in and a half clearance fell to a Colin Harwood whose shot was going wide, and need Ben Butcher the corner taker to nudge it inside the post and over the line. 
Butcher then had a shot wide but Romsey couldn’t add to their lead.

As the second half started Butcher played some passes from the back with Pete O’Hara and Gordon F before heading to the circle and calling for a player on the back post. His inch perfect cross was touched by Harwood and deflected in for 2 0.

Portsmouth upped their game, and pulled one back soon after with a good move that gave Ollie O no chance with a shot from the top of the circle, and now Romsey wobbled, Pete O saves them with a couple of fine tackles ably supported by Nick Cooper, but eventually pressure told and after a miracle save by Ollie O in goal, the equaliser came.

Gordon F stepped up, and duly won Man of the match for some great interceptions and Ollie O again saved the day as it looked like Romsey would crack, but with East and OHara solid, Romsey started to gain momentum back. Cameron Shepherd couldn’t quite make the most of an attacking move, Ellison B was tackled by the last defender before he could shoot and It looked like the game was heading for a draw.

That was until Romsey won a penalty comer with five minutes to go, Butcher pushed out to Gordon F, who cleverly drew the defenders before slipping the ball left for Harwood to score his second and the winner.

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Romsey Edge Close Match!

Romsey U12s&U14 girls had a inter club friendly on the 13th of Feb 2020 .
The two teams , Romsey and Romsey Renegades enjoyed a enthusiastically fought match with full rules and umpires. The Renegades in away strip made a positive start  only to see Romsey strike first after ten minutes as a result of a nice passing move.
Renegades had good possession but could not find the final pass, unlike Romsey who were there again to score number two as the first 20 mins drew to a close.
The second 20 saw the Renegades mount on the pressure and get the goal they deserved.
This set up the final 20 , both teams were moving the ball well and and the match was end to end however both defences held firm to give a final score of Romsey 2-1 Romsey Renegades.
Player of the match Romsey- Charlotte Ackerman
Player of the match Romsey Renegades- Clara Fuller
Thanks to all who gave up their time to make the match happen , I think the girls all enjoyed themselves and no doubt slept well, Great effort! 😊
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M4s share the spoils with Lavant

Men’s 4’s played league leaders Lavant on Saturday the 8th of Feb .

Push back  was 4pm on pleasant winters afternoon. 

Romsey had beaten Lavant in a thrilling 4-3 match away from home earlier in the season so hopes were high for another entertaining fixture!

Lavant started well moving the ball with pace and exploiting space in midfield , after a couple of close calls and solid defending from Rob Cav and Lukasz S they found their way through to open the scoring 1-0!

Romsey remained positive and started to move the ball better in midfield with Tom M , Freddie O and Ellison B using their speed to spread the play . This gave Colin H room on the right to make more attacking runs , one of which saw him enter the D and unleash a powerful hit which the keeper got a foot to but such was the power he could not stop it crossing the line for the equalsier! 1-1

Lavant responded well and Romsey were still being to tentative allowing the skillful Lavant attack to much time on the ball and soon this told with two quick goals which could of been 3 if it had not been a great save from Ollie O pushing the ball onto the post. 1-3

Disaster struck then as Romsey stalwart Lukasz S was forced off after pulling his calf. Romsey had to organise quick and Simeon F dropped back into defence to partner Nick C in the centre.

Romsey kept plugging away and Steve W was working hard up front ably supported by debutante Cameron S. The hard work paid off and Romsey won a short corner Simeon F came up to inject to Colin H who slipped in Tom M but he was closed down quickly so dropped the ball back to Simeon F who managed to squeeze a shot in from a tight angle 2-3!

It was end to end now with both teams going close Colin H almost pulled off a carbon copy of his first goal off but narrowly went wide. Unfortunately the Lavant number 20 who had been a thorn in the Romsey side  danced through again to make it 2-4 at the break.

Romsey knew they could do better and after a good half time chat they came out a different team. They were far stronger on the ball and more solid with their passes and up front Steve W and Dan B was starting to influence the attack.

Lavant were still very dangerous but Romsey matched them in every department with great defending from Pete O , Nick C and Rob Cav keeping Romsey in the game.

Romsey’s pressure was starting to tell as the half wore on and Tom M and Ellsion B were working very hard D to D and  in a 10 minute spell they both turned the match on its head. Ellison breaking from the half way line and setting Tom up to score and then grabbing one himself. 4-4!

Romsey still need to be alert as Lavant were still strong up front , Ollie O made a superb double save , coming off the line to smother the first then clear with the second.

Romsey held on well to claim a great draw which felt like a win!

Player of the match Ellison B – great goal and assist!😊

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Fabulous Ladies Fours – the stars aligned

This Saturday saw a return match for Romsey Hockey Club Ladies “Fabulous Fours” vs. Hamble. The Fab Fours were led by Warrior Captain Widdowson. There was a trio of mothers/ daughters, Berendsen’s, Marino’s and French’s – #I-am-acting-my-age!

The Fab Fours have been down on their luck in recent weeks with winning being as elusive as a unicorn. Warrior Widdowson took control of the pre-match talk. Team positions were an unusual mash up; in defence were the Fantastic French’s, Marino (J), O’Hara and Jones. The Berendsen’s owned the mid-field, with Warrior Widdowson, Feisty Field and Marino (S) (#my game face has lipstick on).

Hamble and Romsey were evenly matched. There was some excellent shadowing from Marino (J), Berendsen (J) and French (J) who put the Hamble attack under pressure. Jones and O’Hara were outstanding in the D clearing the ball with confidence. Romsey defended a trillion short corners only conceding one goal as a result. The goalie was feisty and fearless, trapping the ball in epic style – with some acrobat diving to prevent Hamble from scoring.

Romsey demonstrated newly acquired skill, using the width of the pitch to take the ball into Hamble’s half, playing with strength and determination. The first Romsey goal came from a short corner, with Feisty Field injecting to the top of the D and received by Brilliant Berendsen (J) who did a clever slip shot to Lippy Lu (S) who miraculously managed to sweep the ball into the goal. The 2nd goal came from beautiful play by French (J) to Marino (J) who skilfully tapped it to Feisty Field. Field was able to smash it across the goal mouth to resoundingly hit the back of the goal. Jubilant celebrations all round much to the amusement of Hamble.

Hamble’s 2nd goal was conceded following a short corner with a lucky shot on post. Romsey were undeterred with some outstanding play from Jones, O’Hara and the French duo. Berendsen (S) was always on hand to help clear the ball from the D, as was Maverick Marino (J).

In the words of Pharell – the Fab Fours didn’t wait for the stars to align…..they reached up and rearranged them the way they wanted to creating their own constellation – with stars shining brightly throughout the whole team. Well done team – great game – on from a draw is a win!!

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U10s – and the ‘B’s have it!


Romsey push back and start brightly with Camilla and Elsie testing the Winchester defence both down the centre and left.Their pressure was rewarded when Henry crossed from the right where a waiting Camilla pounced at the back post. A few minutes later Camilla scored again to make it 2-0. 

Bournemouth threatened Romsey early on but Maya and Anna defended well  and Joe made an amazing goal line save.  Romsey broke forward and some quick passing put Henry through to score the first goal.  Moments later Joe’s free hit found Henry again and he scored again. Three more goals followed from Camilla, Joe and Zach to complete a dominant win. 

New Forest
Could Romsey put in another dominant performance against New Forest? After a less than a minute Romsey make a break with Joe finding Henry who in turn found Camilla in the centre to make it 1-0. It wasn’t long before the New Forestgoal was under siege again. Sterling defence from Maya and Anna kept Romsey at bay for a moment but soon Joe struck to make it 2. A tiny tap-in for Camilla and Romsey were easing through the gears. 3-0. Elsie fed back to Camilla but this time the ball sailed wide. Another goal line scramble denied Joe’s second. The respite was short lived as Maya’s tackle helped the ball to Zack who thumped the ball into the bottom right corner to complete a 4-0 win. 

This game saw Romsey up against a dogged Salisbury defence. Early on Elsie wove through the Salisbury team to find Joe, but he was encircled by Salisbury defenders. Good tackling from Joe and Anna keep Salisbury on the back foot. But Salisbury were a threat and Elsie and Maya had to make some important tackles. The game was finely poised with both teams looking capable of scoring but in the end neither was able to break the deadlock. 0-0 final score. 

Andover start on the offensive and Maya and Anna were called into action. A long corner from Andover again tested the Romsey defence with Zach making a break down the left. Whipping the ball across the Andover goal it eventually fell to Camilla, who once again found the goal. Elsie came close moments later with a powerful shot just wide. Then it was Andover’s turn to attack and a diving save from Joe and assured clearance from Anna were all that prevented them from levelling. Elsie eventually made a great run down the pitch but was frustrated by Andover defence. But she did not have to wait long as moments later some great link up play between her and Camilla saw Elsie open her account to make it 2-0. 

Romsey once again started brightly with intense pressure. Southampton attack but Maya and Joe help to repel the advance. Zach made a great run down the right but pulled his shot just wide. More defending from Maya and Anna helped relieve the pressure once again allowing Camilla to break free. A blistering run from her ended with her adding to her impressive goal tally. After some threating play from Southampton Romsey broke forward. Joe pulls wide to Henry before finding Elsie. A great hit was rewarded with anothergreat goal and 2-0 win. 

Could Romsey maintain their undefeated record? Trojans would prove to be their biggest test. 
Camilla and Zach linked up allowing him to get a shot away – off the post! Soon the ball fell to Henry who found Elsie with a great pass and Romsey had the lead. Henry and Anna wereagain busy in defence. A great run and pass from Zach found Camilla but didn’t quite have enough space to squeeze it into the goal. Soon after a fantastic individual effort from Zachsaw him rip past 4 Trojans players before blasting it into the goal. A goal line scramble almost saw Maya scoring but the buzzer sounded and it finished 2-0. 

A great performance from the team and their coach, Cat Gladstone!

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U10s – ‘A’ magnificent performance in the New Forest

A sunny and crisps morning gave Romsey U10 a great start to the tournament. We entered two teams with seven in each, so no subs and a lot of playing for all children. 

 Grace, Sabine, Rosie, Sophie, Daisy, Charlie and Oscar made up team Romsey A. We had the advantage of having both Sophie and Daisy, sharing the goalie gear and goalie duties with pride. Out of seven matches, Romsey A won five, drew one and lost one. All players rotated on the pitch and had a go at all positions, even if they all have their preferred place on the pitch. Romsey scored 16 goals and only let in two. Grace was top scorer with six goals followed by Oscars five and Sabine and Charlie with two each. But despite getting the glory of scoring, we also won our matches due to a strong defence, were Sophie, Daisy and Rosie played important roles. The team showed great hockey skills with lovely passes in between them and winning most of the matches quite easily. However, both New Forest team A and B and Bournemouth B challenged Romsey considerately. The audience enjoyed watching you play fantastic hockey, Well done Romsey A.

 Thanks to Eva for looking after the team so well!

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U12 Boys give it their all against strong league leaders

Bournemouth-Romsey 9-1

Bournemouth was too strong and consistent for Romsey U12 boys.

They started the match with scoring six goals in first period but after that, Romsey  got better into the play and in the two following periods only two goals were scored per period.

As a mum and Romsey fan I don’t think the final score completely reflected the play.  In particularly in the third period, Romsey played really well and had several chances and near goals.

Sam played his first match with the team and also scored our only goal.

George was nominated “player of the match”.

Keep your heads up boys-you fought hard and played your best.

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U12 Girls leave it late to snatch win!

U12 girls played Salisbury on the 12th of January. Push back was at 10.45 am on a beautiful sunny morning.
Romsey made a strong start and dominated possession and it was not long before they had their first goal. Harriet F made a strong run from midfield and found Alisa S in the D  unmarked and she calmly slotted the ball into the goal. 1-0
The second goal soon followed with a fine finish by Maddie O to make it 2-0. 
As the second 20 started started Salisbury stepped up a notch and were working very well as a team and put the Romsey defence , led by Tilly D under great pressure , despite great defending from Hannah T , Isobel L , Hattie K , Eliza H and some excellent saves and kicking by Ellie G Salisbury scored two goals during this time.
The final third started with Salisbury in the ascendancy and Romsey had really gone off the boil. Salisbury made it pay and took the lead 3-2!
The pressure was really on Romsey now , could they respond?
Respond they did,  the midfield started to click Zoe P and Imogen A started to get the ball out wide and create space as Romsey surged forward with Maggie N and Elianna W in support. On one such attack the ball was crossed into  the D and Harriet F struck it with conviction to make it 3-3!
Romsey tails were up now and they were looking for the winner , there was only a couple of minutes on the  clock when Imogen A picked the ball up on the half way line and made a great run down the wing. She delivered a telling cross to the back post where Lucy W after making a fantastic run from her own half to get there steered the ball home ! 4-3
A minute later the whistle went for full time, the girls had left it late but grabbed the winner in the nick of time.
A great team effort to come back from behind and get the win
Players of the match- Ellie G , Some crucial saves and excellent kicking and Harriet F , Great goal and assist. 
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Mens 4s battling performance brings comfort!

Mens 4s played Gillingham away on Saturday the 11th of Jan.
Push back was 12 noon sharp on a windy grey day a long way from home!
The team was fielding new debutante Ellison B along with 4 other juniors in a fairly inexperienced squad.
Gillingham started well and were moved  the ball  through midfield putting early pressure on the Romsey defensive line and Rob Cav and Mike P made early crucial tackles.
Gordon F was getting on the ball in midfield and looking to release Tom M up front who was using the width well.
Salisbury kept coming and despite more good defending from Pete O and Simeon F they broke through and scored.1-0
Romsey responded well and a great move from their 16  found Phil O on the edge of the D after a super pass from Gordon F only for the Gilingham defender to obstruct Phil which led to a short corner.
Sean R injected with great pace and Gordon took it under his spell and with a sweet connection slammed the ball home to make it 1-1! No stopping that!
Romsey then committed the cardinal sin and conceded two minutes later despite good work from Ollie O making a double save however Gillingham scrambled the ball over the line.2-1
Romsey re started and Gillingham came again and it wasn’t long before they poached another. making the score 3-1 at half time.
Romsey were quite up beat as they had been working hard and had threatened. The second half started and Romsey were playing better with slicker passing and movement which  created the odd chance with Barry H , debutante Ellison B and Freddie O combing well in Midfield
Defensively they were still working hard and  Ollie O was forded into some great saves and the defensive line were committing everything to keep Gillingham out.
Unfortunately they could not do this forever and Gillingham made the pressure tell scoring twice in the last twenty minutes to make the final score 5-1.
Romsey were not down hearten as they had lost to a better team but had battled from start to finish.
Man of the match Gordon F – Great goal and held the midfield together.
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U14Bs draw away in Pompey

Portsmouth 3 – Romsey 3

 No Portsmouth started strongly creating two early chances before a player waltzed into the box and rounded the keeper but Owen raced back to make an amazing goal line clearance.  This spurred Romsey into action with Harry, Lorne and Luke taking control of midfield creating a series of chances for Jack M, Rupert and Lorne.  Then the midfield trio combined from a short corner – Jack S to Luke and he found Lorne on the left.  His first time strike was well saved.  Portsmouth attacked down the right and Freddie and Owen stopped them, they tried the left and Will and Jack S stopped them.  Any attempts on goal found Ollie in fine form.  The breakthrough came when Will found Lorne on the right he rounded one player, entered the D and blasted goal ward.  His shot was blocked and fell to Thomas, his shot was also blocked but theball fell to Jack M, his strike was goal bound before deflected off Lorne and in. Unfortunately Portsmouth soon drew level with following a slick passing home.

The second half was equally exciting.  Romsey took control and had several shots blocked before Portsmouth rallied.Owen, Freddie and Ollie made a number of brave saves before Portsmouth broke the deadlock with two goals in quick succession.

Romsey improved their game further.  Will breaking from his own half passed to Thomsa, he crossed to Jack M whose shot was deflected wide.  From the short corner, Jack S pushed the ball to Luke, he played in Will on the left and his unstoppable shot reduced the deficit.

Romsey continued their passing game, Rupert crossed to Lorne, he passed to the centre of the D where Luke stepped in and struck an unstoppable shot into the bottom corner making it 3-3.

The two sides continued the end to end excellent hockey until the final whistle.  A fair result from two outstanding teams.


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