L4s Gallop to Gosport

Gosport vs. Romsey 4 Ladies – Saturday 10.10.20 Final Score 4:1

It was a lovely morning for a trip down the M27 to the first away game of the season. Masked up, windows down the Fab Fours’ made their way to a sunny Gosport towards a well-organized COVID friendly welcome, and onto a pitch GB Hockey would be envious of.

Captain Coops reprised last week’s side with Able Ackerman joining for the first time. With a solid warm up completed the Fab Fours’ were poised like a stable of elite race horses. With the whistle blown and push back belonging to the Fours, Heroic Hunter slapped it towards Brilliant Berendsen junior who as always demonstrated smart stick skills to push forward. Gosport were quick on the uptake and on top of Romsey, Brilliant Berendsen junior anticipating their moves tipped the ball to Berendsen senior whose perfect position on the left wing allowed Romsey to gain some ground towards the D. A square ball saw Lively Legg take up the attack, supported by an ever Capable Captain Coops, who switched the ball to Persistent Procter perfectly placed to the side of the D. Maverick Macintosh took up position by the post and was unlucky not to have scored a goal but did manage to surreptitiously get it on Gosport’s feet. Persistent Procter injected the ball to Lippy Lu, who passed it to Heroic Hunter, who generously set it up for Able Ackerman to score a beautiful goal.

Gosport responded with a fast and furious attacking game with some outstanding play, particularly from their two forwards who outplayed and outran Romsey during parts of the match. Brilliant Berendsen junior took a hard fast ball to the thigh, but bravely came back on for the 2nd half of the match. Able Ackerman provided steadfast support to Lively Legg and Heroic Hunter who were able to push forward. Capable Coops and Berendsen Senior were not to be messed with, and were tenacious in the defense and capture of the ball. Maverick Macintosh made a nuisance of herself with Gosport defense popping out of nowhere to steal a ball under their control.

Romsey defense was in epic form with Fabulous French, Legendary Fiesty Field and Wiley Wisey supporting Outstanding O’hara, who saved more goals than went in. Fiesty Field committed the whole game to collecting the ball at speed and taking the 16s before Gosport had the opportunity to set up; a tactic that stood the defensive line in good stead. Fabulous French was all over the back line, preventing Gosport from having the opportunity to strike. Wiley Wisey put persistent pressure on the attack side forcing errors on their part and effectively clearing the ball for the mid-field to run up towards the goal.

The second half saw Gosport score 3 more goals. Romsey were unlucky not to have scored at least 2 more. The 2nd half saw a more disciplined Fab Fours’ side, with the team using more of the width and conceding fewer balls to Gosport. There was good marking of space and sticks were down on the ground. Despite the loss, the 4s felt it was a fun game.

As Kahil Gibran kinda said “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your hockey sticks and the winds long to play with your hair as you gallop down the pitch”. Next week is another game and chance for a win!

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L4s use unicorns to start the season

Wimborne 5 vs. Romsey 4 Ladies – Saturday 3.10.20

A blessing of unicorns bestowed a rainbow on Romsey Ladies IV team, which Captain Coops used today to pause the rain during the first league match of the new season. Coops selected a strong side with Outstanding O’hara in goal; the Brilliant Berendsen’ s representing youth and maturity, Wiley Wisey, Feisty Field, Fabulous French and Judicious Jones across the back line. Heroic Hunter, Maverick Macintosh, PersistentProcter as forwards, supported by Fearsome Franklin, LivelyLegg, Lippy Lu and Captain Coops. With social distance rules abided by – the game got underway…..

Romsey looked in fine form; with players in peak condition, ready to take on a friendly Wimborne side. The game got off to a quick start with Hunter taking an early advantage running into space ably supported by Lively Legg and a Brilliant junior Berendsen. Romsey drove the ball towards Wimborne’s goal looking dangerous, with a superb pass out to Procter who was waiting on the wing. Procter switched the ball to Hunter who had a shot on goal, narrowly missing scoring. Procter found herself in the right place on a number of occasions, but a gust of wind took the ball past the goal – so close.

Wimborne responded with a ball from the 16, a big hitter taking advantage of a hard ball down the centre of the pitch. As if by magic, Fearsome Franklin appeared from nowhere snatching the ball from Wimborne; deftly passing it to a waiting Coops, who drove the ball up the pitch passing to junior Berendsen who switched it to Lively Legg and back. Berendsen tapped the ball past a number of waiting Wimbornedefenders driving forward into the D, where Maverick Mac was waiting on post, narrowly missing a goal conversion.

Wimborne rose to match Romsey’s spirit with some lovely play. Franklin, Field and Jones interrupted them on many occasions snatching the ball back, with Wisey and Berendsen senior making a formidable partnership. French and Field disrupted Wimborne’s efforts to score a goal, with Outstanding O’Hara making a number of epic saves. Wimborne’s persistence paid off and they managed to score two goals in quick succession. However, none were conceded from a short corner. Feisty Field was a demon in defense and elevating her prowess to that of a legendary hard hitter.  French and Jones were persistent defenders, driving Wimborne out of the D effectively clearing the ball.

At half time the score was 2:0 Romsey Ladies IV were unbroken and determined to score a goal. Heroic Hunter took the opportunity, set up by Berendsen and Procter; the ball flew in the air before a resounding thud as it hit the back board. Wimborne replied with two more goals, but not without a fight – with Captain Coops, Legg and Franklin stealing the ballback. Maverick Mac proved herself to be useful on the wing driving the ball up the line making it difficult for the opposition to intercept. 

Despite the loss, the 4s were jubilant; they demonstrated discipline – sticking to their positions, man marking, sticks down and passing into space. Coach Edwards would be proud of how far they had come. As Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – in our hearts we were winners today and next week this may also be reflected on the score board. Well done Ladies IV’s great to be back – with such a rocking and Fantastic Fab Four’s team.

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Fab Ladies four’s – dream of victory from the comfort of their homes

After a season of elusive wins the Fab Four’s came together for their final game from the comfort of their own homes…… this is the story of the game that changed it all!

The dream team for the final match of the season included; Captain Coops, Ferocious Farquarhson, Wiley Widdowson, Fantastic French (S/J), Brilliant Berendsen’s (S/J), Feisty Field, Outstanding O’Hara, Lippy Lu, Marvellous Marino (J), Maverick Manners, Awesome Andrews, Practical Procter’s (J/S), Rapid Ryan, Adams Family, Judicious Jones, Fast Frost, Reliable Roberts and Bold Budge. All supported with surprise appearances from the Fantastic Free’s including Magic Mason, Clever Cox, Wiley Wisey, Heroic Herbie, Wonderful Woods, Crafty Crate and Perfect Pugh.

Pre-match team was fierce and talk focused on hard, fast passes and man marking (like superglue) and achieving those unicorn moments, goal scoring. The wine and cider (and soft drinks for the juniors) flowed freely as the team got ready to take on top of the league Poole. Daunted by their last encounter with the fearsome Fours, Poole sneaked in a couple of top flight players. With pre-match drinks downed the Fours were ready to take on anything…… a potential strategy for next season’s games as goal scoring tactic!

With ends chosen and Fours on pitch the game got off to a flying start. Captain Coops played three forwards (Ferocious Farquarhson, Wiley Widdowson and Fantastic French (S), a mixed attack/defensive midfield (Brilliant Berendsen’s (S/J), Feisty Field, Captain Coops and Judicious Jones) and three defensive stalwarts (Outstanding O’Hara, Lippy Lu and Fantastic French (J)). Poole won the toss and elected to start – sending the ball deep into their defence. From no-where Outstanding O’Hara flew up the pitch stealing the ball in a daring raid and with outrageous style scored the first of 10 goals. O’Hara was immediately swamped by jubilant team mates, performing football stylie tops over heads, with not a roll in site those extra fitness sessions had clearly paid off.

Poole were visibly unnerved their prowess rocked by a previously only beaten team. Reset and ready to go they launched the ball with a fearsome slap only to be intercepted by the flight footed Field, who tapped it onto Widdowson, sending it wide to French who ran onto the ball, deftly picking it up passing it onto Manners and a waiting Proctor – patiently goal hanging. Within minutes the 2nd goal was in the bag. The wine was clearly helping!

In need of a break, the side quickly rotated to allow for Rapid Ryan, Adams Family, Fast Frost, Bold Budge, Magic Mason, Clever Cox, Wiley Wisey, Heroic Herbie, Wonderful Woods, Crafty Crate and Perfect Pugh – giving Poole time to recover their composure. Poole suddenly started to look dangerous with fast play outstripping the Romsey side. They had a clever dummy pass allowing them to get into the D and finish with a resounding goal – slipping past the normally Perfect Pugh. Unfazed Romsey recovered composure and within minutes had scored another goal – arising from a brilliant partnership of Herbie, Mason,

Adams and Frost. Pugh got an opportunity to show her brilliance when a dispute provided Poole a penalty flick. Pugh stood large and looked dangerous – the Poole player tried hard, but lost to this golden glove and athletic antics from the best goalie in town.

In need of a top up…the team rotated again….bringing Ferocious Farquarhson, Wiley Widdowson, Practical Proctors, Brilliant Berendsen’s (S/J), Captain Coops, Judicious Jones, Lippy Lu, French (J) and Marvellous Marino (J) and Awesome Andrews. Prior to the Poole match Marvellous Marino’s new stick has been causing some jip with unexpected aerials being blown up. Added to which Lippy Lu was never quite 5m away from the ball! Lessons learnt – the duo had an unexpected success, with an intercept by Lippy Lu – a cheeky back ball to Marvellous Marino who with unexpected grace and style launched an aerial so far down the pitch than Berendsen (S) was able to bat it down and tap it onwards for Berendsen Junior to receive, who deftly flicked it to Farquarhson and a waiting Widdowson – who somehow managed to smash it into the goal whilst pivoting from running backwards. Coach Edwards would have been beyond proud.

All of a sudden Poole found some inner strength and dug deep to return with fire, barrelling down towards a waiting Andrews, who suddenly was alone defending the D. Undeterred, with pre-match courage keeping her company – she fought off the Poole attack with outstanding ferocity and skill.

From that point on Poole were broken and the Fab Four’s went onto score a further 6 goals…..a herd of unicorns could be seen trotting by as the final whistle blew. Celebrations abounded and match teas were a deserved carbohydrate fest of hot chips and luscious sandwiches. With new assertion the Fab Four’s realised their strength was each other and that the fun awaited them in next season games – and pre-match drinks may be the way to go!

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Fabulous Ladies Fours – the stars aligned

This Saturday saw a return match for Romsey Hockey Club Ladies “Fabulous Fours” vs. Hamble. The Fab Fours were led by Warrior Captain Widdowson. There was a trio of mothers/ daughters, Berendsen’s, Marino’s and French’s – #I-am-acting-my-age!

The Fab Fours have been down on their luck in recent weeks with winning being as elusive as a unicorn. Warrior Widdowson took control of the pre-match talk. Team positions were an unusual mash up; in defence were the Fantastic French’s, Marino (J), O’Hara and Jones. The Berendsen’s owned the mid-field, with Warrior Widdowson, Feisty Field and Marino (S) (#my game face has lipstick on).

Hamble and Romsey were evenly matched. There was some excellent shadowing from Marino (J), Berendsen (J) and French (J) who put the Hamble attack under pressure. Jones and O’Hara were outstanding in the D clearing the ball with confidence. Romsey defended a trillion short corners only conceding one goal as a result. The goalie was feisty and fearless, trapping the ball in epic style – with some acrobat diving to prevent Hamble from scoring.

Romsey demonstrated newly acquired skill, using the width of the pitch to take the ball into Hamble’s half, playing with strength and determination. The first Romsey goal came from a short corner, with Feisty Field injecting to the top of the D and received by Brilliant Berendsen (J) who did a clever slip shot to Lippy Lu (S) who miraculously managed to sweep the ball into the goal. The 2nd goal came from beautiful play by French (J) to Marino (J) who skilfully tapped it to Feisty Field. Field was able to smash it across the goal mouth to resoundingly hit the back of the goal. Jubilant celebrations all round much to the amusement of Hamble.

Hamble’s 2nd goal was conceded following a short corner with a lucky shot on post. Romsey were undeterred with some outstanding play from Jones, O’Hara and the French duo. Berendsen (S) was always on hand to help clear the ball from the D, as was Maverick Marino (J).

In the words of Pharell – the Fab Fours didn’t wait for the stars to align…..they reached up and rearranged them the way they wanted to creating their own constellation – with stars shining brightly throughout the whole team. Well done team – great game – on from a draw is a win!!

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Fabulous Ladies Fours – a new favourite tea

The Fabulous Fours friendly spirit was on full display for Saturday’s match again newcomers Poole 2, who tipped the scales as Romsey’s new favourite opposition. Although the Fab Fours lost 4-0, importantly i) it was less than they anticipated losing by, ii) it was a fantastic fun game and iii) in their hearts (if not on the score sheet) they were winners!

 The Fab Fours were supported by their diehard fans – the Fourquettes, sporting yellow and blue balloons. Captain Coops made a tactical decision to play a 5:5 formation with feisty Field, outstanding O’Hara, fleet footed French, capable Coops and maverick Marino’s (senior & junior) as the defensive line, supported by the mighty Manners in goal.  The brilliant Berendsen (duo), wiley Wisey, pivotal Procter, warrior Widdowson and fiendish Farquharson were the forward line, who demonstrated some blinding ball skillswhich saw Poole fighting to retain control of the ball.

 Poole forced several short corners which were ably defended with no goals conceded. They had several lucky moments converting scrappy balls into goals. A tense moment saw mighty Manners defending a flick goal from the p spot; remarkably she held her ground and batted the ball with courage and confidence. It was like we had won a World Cup, with the team and the fourquettes going wild.

 The Fab Fours put Poole under unexpected pressure breaking through their defensive line with some impressive running from pivotal Procter, warrior Widdowson, fiendish Farquharson and brilliant Berenedsen (junior). Farquharsonand warrior Wiidowson forced a couple of errors from the Poole side resulting in three short corners from which they were unlucky not to score goals. Poole in return managed to get the ball out of the D only to be held up by capable Coops and maverick Marino (junior). Feisty Field was on top form in her new domain as queen of defence owning clearance from the danger zone. They were some marvellous intercepts and frustrations for Poole by O’Hara, Wisey and Berendesen (senior). The 2nd half saw a number of injuries for the Fab Fours with a strange disposition taking over the team with O’Hara, Wisey, Berendesen (senior & junior) taking tumbles, resulting in the last 10 minutes of the game with the Fab Fours being reduced to 10 players on pitch.

 Although the Fab Four’s ultimately lost this week’s game they were on a high. It was an enormously satisfying game, fairly played against a delightful opposition. And in the words of Yoda Patience you must have, my young Fabulous Foursour time for victory will come again.



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L4s, Fabulous Fours – a wonderful win

Saturday’s match against Romsey’s favourite opposition (Portsmouth) saw only “the best of times”, contrasting last weeks’ battle, with a well-deserved win of 4-0. 

 Romsey dominated the game throughout making easy pickings of Portsmouth defensive line with some wonderful play from Grout, Berendsen (Junior) and French (Junior), with some fabulous partnerships. Graceful Grout scored the first goal with an effortless sweep from the top of the D. The 2ndgoal followed shortly from warrior Widdowson, demonstrating some fancy reverse stick hits. Pivotal Procter helped set up goals 3 and 4 ably scored by Awesome Adams (one). Athletic Adams (two) had several serendipitous shots at goal, missing by a whisper.

 When Portsmouth were able to break through the Romsey attacking line, they made fast work towards Romsey’s defence – but found the wall of yellow difficult to counter. Tenacious defensive play came from capable Coops, wily Wisey and outstanding O’Hara. Brilliant Berendsen (Senior) had some epic moments, put Portsmouth players under pressing channelling them down the wing. Forward Field took a turn at a new defensive position and found her calling with some outstanding shadowing and hefty hits from the 16.

 As always, the goal was covered by the very adept Andrews – who defended with her usual grit and gumption. Player of the match was warrior Widdowson for her fabulous first league match goal.

 The Fab Four’s ended this week’s game on a high and in the words of Babe Ruth Remember ladies, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends (Fab Fours) never die, follow your heart ladies, and you’ll never go wrong.”





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Fabulous Ladies Fours a tale of two halves

Saturday’s match against Romsey’s nemesis Trojans was a tale of two halves. As in the words of Charles Dickens “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom……”

The first half was defined by a frustrated Trojans, who although on the attack were unable to break through the determined defensive line of Marino (Junior), clever Cox, Jones, Wise(y) and O’Hara. Trojans had the benefit of a number of short corners, but Goalie Procter demonstrated her usual tenacious spirit and courageous goal coverage kicking and batting several fast balls out of the D, with clever Cox and Marino (Junior) on hand to belt the ball out of danger.  Wonderful Wisey, joyful Jones and outstanding O’Hara had some marvellous intercepts, vexing the attacking side.

Captain Cooper (Coops) supported the midfield exasperating Trojans’ attack with some nifty turns and drag Vs, winning the ball on more than one occasion. Whiplike Widdowson showed her usual gumption with some swift midfield runs, putting Trojans under pressure. Fantastic Field and amazing Adams had a perfect partnership with flying attacking runs, supported by brilliant Budge and magic Mason. Patient Procter (senior) had the opportunity to goal hang and nearly swiped the ball into the Trojans goal on a couple of occasions.

At half time, neither side had conceded a goal. And then Winter came…. Trojans dominated the 2nd half with 4 goals in quick succession. Romsey valiantly battled on – but another win evaded them. Marino (Junior) was player of the match for her determination to keep the Trojans “White Walkers” at bay!

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Fabulous fours – strike again

Match Report 1st December 2018

The ladies’ fourth team were on sparkling form again this week against Fleet & Ewshot, and are celebrating an unprecedented (for them!) unbeaten streak. The team manager Hilary Andrews was delighted with the away match outcome of 2 – 2.

The hosts started off strong with a fast and furiousattack, conceding an early corner heroically saved by the artful goalie Derien Pugh. The hosts quickly followed through with a 2nd strong counter attack off a long corner scoring the first goal. The fours undeterred fought back with sweeping attack up the wing by Parminder Mew and Angela Procter. Jo Field passed a beautiful ball to Tracey Mason who was in position to tap the ball into the goal.

Fleet & Ewshot took advantage of spritely forwards to quickly follow up with a 2nd goal. Romsey’s fighting spirit quickly drew the teams even with Cara Cox driving the ball up the pitch to the Clare’s – Cooper & Herbert, with Claudia French, Mandy Berendsen and Tracey Mason making use of the central channel to set Hilary Andrews up to smash the ball into the back of the net for the 2nd goal. 

The 2nd half of the game mirrored the first half with the Marino’s and Claire Wise chasing down the attacking side providing a strong defence. The well match teams spent equal amounts of times in each others D’s, which finished at full time on 2:2 draw. Both teams thoroughly enjoyed the game, posing for a combined match photo at the end. Star player was Claire Wise, for achieving so many clearances from the D without giving away short corners. As always the Fabulous Fours are grateful to their Fabulous Manager and Coaching Staff for their continued support and direction, allowing this fabulously determined team to continue to improve week on week.

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