Clinical M4s Hold Off Trojans

Romsey Mens 4s played Trojans at home in the late push back at 4pm on Saturday the 30th of November. 

The match started under floodlights and at about 5 degrees Celsius. Romsey started briskly and were quick to get the ball moving up the pitch, attackers Dan B and Mike P were using the full width of the pitch to good effect.

The space they were creating gave room for Gorden F, Tom W and Noah C to run into and put immediate pressure on the Trojans defence.

It was not long before the speed of attacks and pressure told, Tom W broke into the D and calmly slotted the ball home. 1-0!

Romsey still had to be assured at the back and a solid start from Nick C, Pete O, Simeon F and Lukasz S gave Romsey confidence to build from the defence.

Half way through the half Romsey were awarded  a short corner and Noah C found Tom W with a strong Hit which Tom cleverly deflected past the Trojan keeper at close quarters giving him no chance.


Romsey were now starting to purr, great midfield inter play from Andy M, Phil O and Freddie O had Trojans at sixes and sevens. Debutante Ian A,  now up front almost scored with the ball agonisingly stopped on the line by a Trojans player.

The 3rd goal soon came though , Nick C played the ball out from the 16 to Pete O who fed it down the line, Andy M picked it up and fed the ball over to Mike P who saw Dan B in the clear and slotted a well weighted pass to him and Dan did the rest with a cool finish in the corner 3-0! Great team goal!

Half time came with Romsey well on top. The second half started and after a few minutes you could see it was a tighter game and Trjoans had clearly had a stern team talk.

Romsey conceded ground and were having to defend far more and midfielders Rob Cav and Gordon F were having to drop back to help the defence. Ollie O was forced into a string of important saves but could not stop Trojans scoring twice inside ten minutes.

Trojans tails were up and Romsey were flustered. It took a few minutes for them to regain their composure and get back to the pass and move game which had been working so well. When they did they took their chance again with Trojans pushing for the equaliser a quick break saw Mike P at the edge of the D pick out a well timed run from Tom W who made no mistake for number 4 and his hatrick!

With only minutes left Trojans knew the game was up and Romsey finished the match worthy winners. 4-2

Man of Match  – Ollie O – important second half saves.