Romsey Hockey Club – COVID-19 – Pitch Protocol

Following England Hockey’s recent announcements, a protocol has been developed that follows guidance from both England Hockey and the UK Government.  All hockey activity at Romsey Hockey Club must follow this protocol.

  • You must have a booking in order to enter Romsey School grounds.
  • You can make a booking by email

[email protected]

  • A booking is not confirmed until you have received a reply by email.
  • Available opening days and times will be communicated on a weekly basis, together with updates on any changes to the protocol.
  • Slots will be staggered at 15-minute intervals so that groups are not arriving at the same time.  You must arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your time slot.
  • For all U16s a parent or responsible adult (over 18) must remain on site in their car and provide an emergency contact number with their booking. This is so that in the event of an incident the parent can deal with the child/ u16 rather than the coaches or Club Volunteers. Clearly if Emergency First Aid is required Club officials will treat the casualty and have suitable PPE available.
  • No spectators or parents are allowed to watch the sessions. Access to this part of the school is only open to players, coaches, club volunteers and those required in the event of an emergency.
  • The school has marked out a pedestrian one way system, this must be respected and followed at all times. No toilets or changing rooms are to be used and the cut through by the changing rooms is not to be used. All players must go around the ‘long way’.
  • All rubbish should be taken home, do not use the bins.
  • You must wait outside the pitch on the volleyball court (players not from the same household must stay 2 metres apart at all times).
  • You will be instructed when you can enter the pitch by the person on duty, and again when you leave the pitch.  
  • You must not touch the gates at any point. 
  • If you would like to leave early, please let the person on duty know, so that they are able to ensure that this happens safely.
  • There will be 4 areas on the pitch, marked by cones.  Each area will have one goal. You must not touch any cone or goal whilst you are playing. Hockey is the only activity allowed to take place.  
  • Where your ball ends up in anther zone, please allow the person on duty to reclaim the ball safely for you, unless the group in that area is able to safely return the ball using their stick.
  • Upon completion of your session, you must vacate the premises straight away. Do not hang around to have a chat with other groups.
  • If you are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus you must self-isolate and not participate in any activity at Romsey School.
  • No school buildings are to be entered whether doors are open or closed. No access to any other facilities, including toilets or changing rooms, is allowed.

The protocol will be reviewed on a weekly basis and members will be advised of timings available for bookings during the following week.