PositionNameClub eMails
ChairpersonAmy Edwards[email protected]
Vice ChairpersonStuart Robertson
General SecretaryEmily Dixon[email protected]
Club TreasurerLewis Birch[email protected]
Ladies' Club CaptainHilary Andrews[email protected]
Men's Club CaptainColin Harwood[email protected]
Junior Club CaptainSimeon Field[email protected]
Club Welfare OfficerCatherine Wood[email protected]
Club Welfare OfficerLisa Morgan[email protected]
Sponsorship OfficerSimeon Field [email protected]
Secretaries and Team Captains
Fixtures SecretaryKate Olingschlaeger[email protected]
Press SecretaryAaron Shaw[email protected]
Social Media SecretaryGeorgie Pugh[email protected]
Umpiring SecretarySophie Skudder[email protected]
Ladies' Social SecretarySophie Skudder[email protected]
Men's Social SecretaryJamie Miller[email protected]
Discipline SecretaryAmy Edwards[email protected]
Director of CoachingVacant[email protected]
Ladies' 1st XI CaptainKate Olingschlaeger[email protected]
Ladies' 2nd XI CaptainJessica Jones[email protected]
Ladies' 3rd XI CaptainCatherine Gladstone[email protected]
Ladies' 4th XI CaptainHillary Andrews[email protected]
Men's 1st XI CaptainTom Wigley[email protected]
Men's 2nd XI CaptainAli Nawn[email protected]
Men's 3rd XI Captain[email protected]
Men's 4th XI CaptainColin Harwood[email protected]
Mixed CaptainJamie Miller[email protected]
Ladies Indoor CaptainLisa Morgan[email protected]
Web AdministratorLukasz Suleja[email protected]
Junior Committee
Juniors' Club CaptainSimeon Field[email protected]
U18 Boys' ManagerVacant[email protected]
U16 Boys' ManagerAlexis Harris[email protected]
U14 Boys' ManagerPete O’Hara[email protected]
U12 Boys' ManagerEva Cowburn[email protected]
U18 Girl's ManagerPhilipp Orak[email protected]
U16 Girls' ManagerIan Adams[email protected]
U14 Girls' ManagerCaroline Roberts[email protected]
U12 Girls' ManagerJulia Philips[email protected]

Last updated: 16th January 2020 10:36 am