Fab Ladies four’s – dream of victory from the comfort of their homes

After a season of elusive wins the Fab Four’s came together for their final game from the comfort of their own homes…… this is the story of the game that changed it all!

The dream team for the final match of the season included; Captain Coops, Ferocious Farquarhson, Wiley Widdowson, Fantastic French (S/J), Brilliant Berendsen’s (S/J), Feisty Field, Outstanding O’Hara, Lippy Lu, Marvellous Marino (J), Maverick Manners, Awesome Andrews, Practical Procter’s (J/S), Rapid Ryan, Adams Family, Judicious Jones, Fast Frost, Reliable Roberts and Bold Budge. All supported with surprise appearances from the Fantastic Free’s including Magic Mason, Clever Cox, Wiley Wisey, Heroic Herbie, Wonderful Woods, Crafty Crate and Perfect Pugh.

Pre-match team was fierce and talk focused on hard, fast passes and man marking (like superglue) and achieving those unicorn moments, goal scoring. The wine and cider (and soft drinks for the juniors) flowed freely as the team got ready to take on top of the league Poole. Daunted by their last encounter with the fearsome Fours, Poole sneaked in a couple of top flight players. With pre-match drinks downed the Fours were ready to take on anything…… a potential strategy for next season’s games as goal scoring tactic!

With ends chosen and Fours on pitch the game got off to a flying start. Captain Coops played three forwards (Ferocious Farquarhson, Wiley Widdowson and Fantastic French (S), a mixed attack/defensive midfield (Brilliant Berendsen’s (S/J), Feisty Field, Captain Coops and Judicious Jones) and three defensive stalwarts (Outstanding O’Hara, Lippy Lu and Fantastic French (J)). Poole won the toss and elected to start – sending the ball deep into their defence. From no-where Outstanding O’Hara flew up the pitch stealing the ball in a daring raid and with outrageous style scored the first of 10 goals. O’Hara was immediately swamped by jubilant team mates, performing football stylie tops over heads, with not a roll in site those extra fitness sessions had clearly paid off.

Poole were visibly unnerved their prowess rocked by a previously only beaten team. Reset and ready to go they launched the ball with a fearsome slap only to be intercepted by the flight footed Field, who tapped it onto Widdowson, sending it wide to French who ran onto the ball, deftly picking it up passing it onto Manners and a waiting Proctor – patiently goal hanging. Within minutes the 2nd goal was in the bag. The wine was clearly helping!

In need of a break, the side quickly rotated to allow for Rapid Ryan, Adams Family, Fast Frost, Bold Budge, Magic Mason, Clever Cox, Wiley Wisey, Heroic Herbie, Wonderful Woods, Crafty Crate and Perfect Pugh – giving Poole time to recover their composure. Poole suddenly started to look dangerous with fast play outstripping the Romsey side. They had a clever dummy pass allowing them to get into the D and finish with a resounding goal – slipping past the normally Perfect Pugh. Unfazed Romsey recovered composure and within minutes had scored another goal – arising from a brilliant partnership of Herbie, Mason,

Adams and Frost. Pugh got an opportunity to show her brilliance when a dispute provided Poole a penalty flick. Pugh stood large and looked dangerous – the Poole player tried hard, but lost to this golden glove and athletic antics from the best goalie in town.

In need of a top up…the team rotated again….bringing Ferocious Farquarhson, Wiley Widdowson, Practical Proctors, Brilliant Berendsen’s (S/J), Captain Coops, Judicious Jones, Lippy Lu, French (J) and Marvellous Marino (J) and Awesome Andrews. Prior to the Poole match Marvellous Marino’s new stick has been causing some jip with unexpected aerials being blown up. Added to which Lippy Lu was never quite 5m away from the ball! Lessons learnt – the duo had an unexpected success, with an intercept by Lippy Lu – a cheeky back ball to Marvellous Marino who with unexpected grace and style launched an aerial so far down the pitch than Berendsen (S) was able to bat it down and tap it onwards for Berendsen Junior to receive, who deftly flicked it to Farquarhson and a waiting Widdowson – who somehow managed to smash it into the goal whilst pivoting from running backwards. Coach Edwards would have been beyond proud.

All of a sudden Poole found some inner strength and dug deep to return with fire, barrelling down towards a waiting Andrews, who suddenly was alone defending the D. Undeterred, with pre-match courage keeping her company – she fought off the Poole attack with outstanding ferocity and skill.

From that point on Poole were broken and the Fab Four’s went onto score a further 6 goals…..a herd of unicorns could be seen trotting by as the final whistle blew. Celebrations abounded and match teas were a deserved carbohydrate fest of hot chips and luscious sandwiches. With new assertion the Fab Four’s realised their strength was each other and that the fun awaited them in next season games – and pre-match drinks may be the way to go!