Fabulous fours – strike again

Match Report 1st December 2018

The ladies’ fourth team were on sparkling form again this week against Fleet & Ewshot, and are celebrating an unprecedented (for them!) unbeaten streak. The team manager Hilary Andrews was delighted with the away match outcome of 2 – 2.

The hosts started off strong with a fast and furiousattack, conceding an early corner heroically saved by the artful goalie Derien Pugh. The hosts quickly followed through with a 2nd strong counter attack off a long corner scoring the first goal. The fours undeterred fought back with sweeping attack up the wing by Parminder Mew and Angela Procter. Jo Field passed a beautiful ball to Tracey Mason who was in position to tap the ball into the goal.

Fleet & Ewshot took advantage of spritely forwards to quickly follow up with a 2nd goal. Romsey’s fighting spirit quickly drew the teams even with Cara Cox driving the ball up the pitch to the Clare’s – Cooper & Herbert, with Claudia French, Mandy Berendsen and Tracey Mason making use of the central channel to set Hilary Andrews up to smash the ball into the back of the net for the 2nd goal. 

The 2nd half of the game mirrored the first half with the Marino’s and Claire Wise chasing down the attacking side providing a strong defence. The well match teams spent equal amounts of times in each others D’s, which finished at full time on 2:2 draw. Both teams thoroughly enjoyed the game, posing for a combined match photo at the end. Star player was Claire Wise, for achieving so many clearances from the D without giving away short corners. As always the Fabulous Fours are grateful to their Fabulous Manager and Coaching Staff for their continued support and direction, allowing this fabulously determined team to continue to improve week on week.

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