Fabulous Ladies Fours – a new favourite tea

The Fabulous Fours friendly spirit was on full display for Saturday’s match again newcomers Poole 2, who tipped the scales as Romsey’s new favourite opposition. Although the Fab Fours lost 4-0, importantly i) it was less than they anticipated losing by, ii) it was a fantastic fun game and iii) in their hearts (if not on the score sheet) they were winners!

 The Fab Fours were supported by their diehard fans – the Fourquettes, sporting yellow and blue balloons. Captain Coops made a tactical decision to play a 5:5 formation with feisty Field, outstanding O’Hara, fleet footed French, capable Coops and maverick Marino’s (senior & junior) as the defensive line, supported by the mighty Manners in goal.  The brilliant Berendsen (duo), wiley Wisey, pivotal Procter, warrior Widdowson and fiendish Farquharson were the forward line, who demonstrated some blinding ball skillswhich saw Poole fighting to retain control of the ball.

 Poole forced several short corners which were ably defended with no goals conceded. They had several lucky moments converting scrappy balls into goals. A tense moment saw mighty Manners defending a flick goal from the p spot; remarkably she held her ground and batted the ball with courage and confidence. It was like we had won a World Cup, with the team and the fourquettes going wild.

 The Fab Fours put Poole under unexpected pressure breaking through their defensive line with some impressive running from pivotal Procter, warrior Widdowson, fiendish Farquharson and brilliant Berenedsen (junior). Farquharsonand warrior Wiidowson forced a couple of errors from the Poole side resulting in three short corners from which they were unlucky not to score goals. Poole in return managed to get the ball out of the D only to be held up by capable Coops and maverick Marino (junior). Feisty Field was on top form in her new domain as queen of defence owning clearance from the danger zone. They were some marvellous intercepts and frustrations for Poole by O’Hara, Wisey and Berendesen (senior). The 2nd half saw a number of injuries for the Fab Fours with a strange disposition taking over the team with O’Hara, Wisey, Berendesen (senior & junior) taking tumbles, resulting in the last 10 minutes of the game with the Fab Fours being reduced to 10 players on pitch.

 Although the Fab Four’s ultimately lost this week’s game they were on a high. It was an enormously satisfying game, fairly played against a delightful opposition. And in the words of Yoda Patience you must have, my young Fabulous Foursour time for victory will come again.