Fabulous Ladies Fours – the stars aligned

This Saturday saw a return match for Romsey Hockey Club Ladies “Fabulous Fours” vs. Hamble. The Fab Fours were led by Warrior Captain Widdowson. There was a trio of mothers/ daughters, Berendsen’s, Marino’s and French’s – #I-am-acting-my-age!

The Fab Fours have been down on their luck in recent weeks with winning being as elusive as a unicorn. Warrior Widdowson took control of the pre-match talk. Team positions were an unusual mash up; in defence were the Fantastic French’s, Marino (J), O’Hara and Jones. The Berendsen’s owned the mid-field, with Warrior Widdowson, Feisty Field and Marino (S) (#my game face has lipstick on).

Hamble and Romsey were evenly matched. There was some excellent shadowing from Marino (J), Berendsen (J) and French (J) who put the Hamble attack under pressure. Jones and O’Hara were outstanding in the D clearing the ball with confidence. Romsey defended a trillion short corners only conceding one goal as a result. The goalie was feisty and fearless, trapping the ball in epic style – with some acrobat diving to prevent Hamble from scoring.

Romsey demonstrated newly acquired skill, using the width of the pitch to take the ball into Hamble’s half, playing with strength and determination. The first Romsey goal came from a short corner, with Feisty Field injecting to the top of the D and received by Brilliant Berendsen (J) who did a clever slip shot to Lippy Lu (S) who miraculously managed to sweep the ball into the goal. The 2nd goal came from beautiful play by French (J) to Marino (J) who skilfully tapped it to Feisty Field. Field was able to smash it across the goal mouth to resoundingly hit the back of the goal. Jubilant celebrations all round much to the amusement of Hamble.

Hamble’s 2nd goal was conceded following a short corner with a lucky shot on post. Romsey were undeterred with some outstanding play from Jones, O’Hara and the French duo. Berendsen (S) was always on hand to help clear the ball from the D, as was Maverick Marino (J).

In the words of Pharell – the Fab Fours didn’t wait for the stars to align…..they reached up and rearranged them the way they wanted to creating their own constellation – with stars shining brightly throughout the whole team. Well done team – great game – on from a draw is a win!!