Important Welfare Update for all Members

Please read the following statement from the committee regarding various Welfare issues that we want to update all members and guardians about:

Protective equipment

Romsey Hockey Club recommends and encourages all outfield players to wear suitable protective equipment which should include mouth guards, shin pads, hand protectors, and face masks for use at penalty corners, but this remains the individual’s responsibility at all times. The Club does not undertake to provide any such equipment and is unable to ensure that face masks are available at matches.  The Club may be able to provide some face masks from time to time but players who wish to be certain of being able to use face masks, that are correctly fitted and give full protection, whenever needed, should not rely upon the Club making these available and must provide these themselves. Any player without a mask who is reluctant to defend a penalty corner should let the team captain, manager, coach and/or players know that they need to be replaced in that situation.


Romsey Hockey Club is committed to ensuring the safety of all our members. In line with the recommendation in England Hockey’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy and associated good practice, the Club request that any person wishing to take photographic or recorded images should gain consent to do so before carrying out any such activity. Members and parents/guardians of Junior members are required to complete an image consent form, which is part of the club on-line registration process before images can be used. The Club reserves the right to challenge and report anyone they deem to be taking images without consent.

Welfare Officer

As part of our commitment to the safety of our members we have a designated Safeguarding/Welfare Officer, Catherine Wood. Catherine has the primary responsibility for managing and reporting concerns/incidents about children and putting in place strategies to safeguard children in the Club. Members are encouraged to approach either coaches/managers or Catherine if they have concerns or worries. Please ensure that all Junior members are aware that we as a Club are all there to support them.

Catherine Wood – [email protected]