L3s, Fearsome Frees – at freezing Farnham

The Fearsome Frees (3s) travelled to a freezing Farnham to play Aldershot & Farnham. The chilly game got off to a flying start with magic Mason, marvellous Morgan, legendary Loran and gifted Gladstone breaking through “Shots” defensive line to have several valiant attempts at a goal. 

 “Shots” were a well organised side, with a fast forward attack. Romsey defence held strong, supported by clever Cox, magnificent Marino (Junior) and hardy Harding. Harding was responsible for consistently hoofing the ball to the other end of the pitch, which was then expertly picked up by gifted Gladstone, wonderful Woods and magic Mason.  Unfortunately during the first half of the match “Shots” had two lucky goals from an opportunistic player on the back post.

 At half time the Fearsome Frees were undeterred and came out fighting with some frenetic intercepts from happnin Herbet, wonderful Wood and legendary Loran – passing to marvellous Morgan on the wing who was able to run the ball towards the “Shots” goal. Mason and Wood had some great play together and gifted Gladstone had several more shots at goal.

 Awesome Andrews was player of the match stopping at least another twenty goals from being conceded. Her fearless form saw her batting the ball and running out of goal to kick it clear. Magnificent Marino (Junior) shadowed a player from one side of the pitch to the other frustrating her attempt to get in the D. Clever Cox cleared the ball from the D, ably supported by Harding and Wood.

 Although the Fearsome Frees fought hard at full time the score was 6-0 with four goals in quick succession during the 2nd half. Despite this week’s loss– they played with heart, determination and grit…… “To play the game is good, To win is better, But to love the game is best of all” Anon – next week is a new opportunity to be fearsome and fantastic again!