L4s, Fabulous Fours – a wonderful win

Saturday’s match against Romsey’s favourite opposition (Portsmouth) saw only “the best of times”, contrasting last weeks’ battle, with a well-deserved win of 4-0. 

 Romsey dominated the game throughout making easy pickings of Portsmouth defensive line with some wonderful play from Grout, Berendsen (Junior) and French (Junior), with some fabulous partnerships. Graceful Grout scored the first goal with an effortless sweep from the top of the D. The 2ndgoal followed shortly from warrior Widdowson, demonstrating some fancy reverse stick hits. Pivotal Procter helped set up goals 3 and 4 ably scored by Awesome Adams (one). Athletic Adams (two) had several serendipitous shots at goal, missing by a whisper.

 When Portsmouth were able to break through the Romsey attacking line, they made fast work towards Romsey’s defence – but found the wall of yellow difficult to counter. Tenacious defensive play came from capable Coops, wily Wisey and outstanding O’Hara. Brilliant Berendsen (Senior) had some epic moments, put Portsmouth players under pressing channelling them down the wing. Forward Field took a turn at a new defensive position and found her calling with some outstanding shadowing and hefty hits from the 16.

 As always, the goal was covered by the very adept Andrews – who defended with her usual grit and gumption. Player of the match was warrior Widdowson for her fabulous first league match goal.

 The Fab Four’s ended this week’s game on a high and in the words of Babe Ruth Remember ladies, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends (Fab Fours) never die, follow your heart ladies, and you’ll never go wrong.”