L4s Gallop to Gosport

Gosport vs. Romsey 4 Ladies – Saturday 10.10.20 Final Score 4:1

It was a lovely morning for a trip down the M27 to the first away game of the season. Masked up, windows down the Fab Fours’ made their way to a sunny Gosport towards a well-organized COVID friendly welcome, and onto a pitch GB Hockey would be envious of.

Captain Coops reprised last week’s side with Able Ackerman joining for the first time. With a solid warm up completed the Fab Fours’ were poised like a stable of elite race horses. With the whistle blown and push back belonging to the Fours, Heroic Hunter slapped it towards Brilliant Berendsen junior who as always demonstrated smart stick skills to push forward. Gosport were quick on the uptake and on top of Romsey, Brilliant Berendsen junior anticipating their moves tipped the ball to Berendsen senior whose perfect position on the left wing allowed Romsey to gain some ground towards the D. A square ball saw Lively Legg take up the attack, supported by an ever Capable Captain Coops, who switched the ball to Persistent Procter perfectly placed to the side of the D. Maverick Macintosh took up position by the post and was unlucky not to have scored a goal but did manage to surreptitiously get it on Gosport’s feet. Persistent Procter injected the ball to Lippy Lu, who passed it to Heroic Hunter, who generously set it up for Able Ackerman to score a beautiful goal.

Gosport responded with a fast and furious attacking game with some outstanding play, particularly from their two forwards who outplayed and outran Romsey during parts of the match. Brilliant Berendsen junior took a hard fast ball to the thigh, but bravely came back on for the 2nd half of the match. Able Ackerman provided steadfast support to Lively Legg and Heroic Hunter who were able to push forward. Capable Coops and Berendsen Senior were not to be messed with, and were tenacious in the defense and capture of the ball. Maverick Macintosh made a nuisance of herself with Gosport defense popping out of nowhere to steal a ball under their control.

Romsey defense was in epic form with Fabulous French, Legendary Fiesty Field and Wiley Wisey supporting Outstanding O’hara, who saved more goals than went in. Fiesty Field committed the whole game to collecting the ball at speed and taking the 16s before Gosport had the opportunity to set up; a tactic that stood the defensive line in good stead. Fabulous French was all over the back line, preventing Gosport from having the opportunity to strike. Wiley Wisey put persistent pressure on the attack side forcing errors on their part and effectively clearing the ball for the mid-field to run up towards the goal.

The second half saw Gosport score 3 more goals. Romsey were unlucky not to have scored at least 2 more. The 2nd half saw a more disciplined Fab Fours’ side, with the team using more of the width and conceding fewer balls to Gosport. There was good marking of space and sticks were down on the ground. Despite the loss, the 4s felt it was a fun game.

As Kahil Gibran kinda said “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your hockey sticks and the winds long to play with your hair as you gallop down the pitch”. Next week is another game and chance for a win!