L4s use unicorns to start the season

Wimborne 5 vs. Romsey 4 Ladies – Saturday 3.10.20

A blessing of unicorns bestowed a rainbow on Romsey Ladies IV team, which Captain Coops used today to pause the rain during the first league match of the new season. Coops selected a strong side with Outstanding O’hara in goal; the Brilliant Berendsen’ s representing youth and maturity, Wiley Wisey, Feisty Field, Fabulous French and Judicious Jones across the back line. Heroic Hunter, Maverick Macintosh, PersistentProcter as forwards, supported by Fearsome Franklin, LivelyLegg, Lippy Lu and Captain Coops. With social distance rules abided by – the game got underway…..

Romsey looked in fine form; with players in peak condition, ready to take on a friendly Wimborne side. The game got off to a quick start with Hunter taking an early advantage running into space ably supported by Lively Legg and a Brilliant junior Berendsen. Romsey drove the ball towards Wimborne’s goal looking dangerous, with a superb pass out to Procter who was waiting on the wing. Procter switched the ball to Hunter who had a shot on goal, narrowly missing scoring. Procter found herself in the right place on a number of occasions, but a gust of wind took the ball past the goal – so close.

Wimborne responded with a ball from the 16, a big hitter taking advantage of a hard ball down the centre of the pitch. As if by magic, Fearsome Franklin appeared from nowhere snatching the ball from Wimborne; deftly passing it to a waiting Coops, who drove the ball up the pitch passing to junior Berendsen who switched it to Lively Legg and back. Berendsen tapped the ball past a number of waiting Wimbornedefenders driving forward into the D, where Maverick Mac was waiting on post, narrowly missing a goal conversion.

Wimborne rose to match Romsey’s spirit with some lovely play. Franklin, Field and Jones interrupted them on many occasions snatching the ball back, with Wisey and Berendsen senior making a formidable partnership. French and Field disrupted Wimborne’s efforts to score a goal, with Outstanding O’Hara making a number of epic saves. Wimborne’s persistence paid off and they managed to score two goals in quick succession. However, none were conceded from a short corner. Feisty Field was a demon in defense and elevating her prowess to that of a legendary hard hitter.  French and Jones were persistent defenders, driving Wimborne out of the D effectively clearing the ball.

At half time the score was 2:0 Romsey Ladies IV were unbroken and determined to score a goal. Heroic Hunter took the opportunity, set up by Berendsen and Procter; the ball flew in the air before a resounding thud as it hit the back board. Wimborne replied with two more goals, but not without a fight – with Captain Coops, Legg and Franklin stealing the ballback. Maverick Mac proved herself to be useful on the wing driving the ball up the line making it difficult for the opposition to intercept. 

Despite the loss, the 4s were jubilant; they demonstrated discipline – sticking to their positions, man marking, sticks down and passing into space. Coach Edwards would be proud of how far they had come. As Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – in our hearts we were winners today and next week this may also be reflected on the score board. Well done Ladies IV’s great to be back – with such a rocking and Fantastic Fab Four’s team.