U10s are awesome too!

The Roger Merry memorial and Southampton U10 tournament saw much more equally competitive teams than last time and Romsey was less outstanding. That made them work harder and practising coaching tips given by Natalie.

Romsey A played five matches of intense hockey three draws and two wins.

First team up was Trojans B in which Charlie scored the only goal despite several attempts from both Caitlin and Oscar (1-0).

Next up was Salisbury and again, Charlie scored the first goal of the match. Salisbury played the ball nicely towards our goal and managed to get the ball pass our defenders Clara and Anna S and score, ending the match 1-1.

Third match of the day was against Andover. Oscar, Maggie and Caitlin teamed up well as midplayers, passing the ball up to strikers Charlie, Anna andJoe. A long passing from Charlie gave Joe the chance to push the ball into the goal and despite several more shots against the goal, the ball never went over the line. Andover got hold of the ball and run for our goal, which was empty, and put it in only just before the horn went off and the game finished 1-1.

The match against Bournemouth was incredible equal and both teams played well. Bournemouth had a disallowed goal from outside the D and after a lot of hard work Charlie scored a well-deserved goal, finishing the match 1-0 to Romsey.

Finally, the fifth and last match of the day, we were up against Winchester A, a very strong team with a fully equipped fierce goalie. Our defenders, Elise and Clara, worked hard on keeping Winchester out of our goal. Much of the game was in front of Winchesters goal but none of the shots went in and the match ended in a draw 0-0.

A tournament with less goals scored from the team but with fantastic team work and numbers of successful passes. Well done team A; Anna S, Elsie, Joe, Charlie, Oscar, Clara, Caitlin and Maggie.

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