These are the things we did in the rain, and what I hope you will get out of them :

  1. Dribbling warm up – good for moving with the ball with your head up – will help you to see passes/tacklers earlier
  2. Passing across full width of the pitch – when executing a long pass across the pitch, it is essential that the pass is well struck and accurate, and you can therefore afford to take a little time over it.
  3. 5 v 10 – 5 try to get a touch on the ball to make the 10 do penalty pres-ups – the key here is to move the ball on quickly – the longer you dither, the longer the tacklers have to close you down and nick the ball.
  4. pushing practise – we emphasised the importance of smoothness when pushing and receiving. This hopefully helped you to lift passes and do aerials.
  5. Shooting drills – receive, turn and shoot quick. Then wall pass run on to pass and shoot. Then receive and beat the ‘defender’ then shoot. You will have noticed that I showed you the weak side to start with, and then showed you the strong side. Generally you were very good at attcking the weak side, but not so good at attacking the strong side. The key to strong side is to shoot as soon as you can.
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