This week we did a lot of work on goalscoring. The key thing to think about is that keepers are pretty good at saving shots from the top of the D when they are set.

So here are a few simple ideas to improve your chances of scoring.

  1. try to shoot from close range.
  2. Try to shoot with a 1st time shot
  3. Try to commit the GK then slip a pass for a team mate to have an easy tap in.
  4. Try to shoot when moving laterally – left to right or right to left rather than toward the goal.

Obviously you shouldn’t try to do all these things at once !

The youtube clip is of Luciana Aymar – if you’ve never seen her play you’re really missing something. This particular clip shows the virtue of moving laterally. She beats the keeper by feinting to hit. The keeper commits and Aymar lets the ball run a little wider before finishing into an empty net.

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