RHC Christmas Game 2011

Snowmen 4 vs Reindeers 2

Christmas cheer was in the air on Saturday, as the men and women of Romsey Hockey Club got into the Christmas spirit with their annual fancy dress intra-club hockey match. This year saw the Snowmen take on the Reindeers.

Both teams took a while to get going. The Snowmen, whilst enjoying the frosty morning, struggled to play under the bulk of hats, scarf’s and carrot noses while the Reindeer’s were hampered with a variety of fur and antler problems in the windy conditions!

Eventually the deadlock was broken by the Reindeers, who were quick to break in numbers and infiltrate the Snowmen’s melting defenc before The Snowmen grabbed an equaliser just before half time.

The second half got under-way with the Snowmen attempting to confuse the Reindeers, with Snowman midfield duo Will Archibald and Joe Welch, launching several aerial balls deep into the Reindeer’s back line. One such ball provided Guy Taylor a tidy route to goal.

The Reindeer retaliated with some piercing attacks instigated and finished by James-One-Antler-Boggis while Amy Welch and Monty Roberts caused yet more havock at the back for the Snowmen, allowing the Reindeer’s to prance their way into the lead.

Further Snowmen goals came from Matt Clark, and Ella Palmer who both finished with finesse that was only bettered by their cartwheeling goal celebrations!

Penne Edwards, despite starting the day as the Snowman with the longest carrot nose, put aside her Frosty the Snowman hat, and umpired the game magnificently,

Costumes of the match go to Jane Wheeler, for her fabulous Reindeer costume, fluffy belly and shiny red nose. And on the Snowmans’s team, Ella Palmer lead the way with her snowman costume, delicately finished off by her button nose!

Christmas Game 2011

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