Ladies 2s (1) vs Aldershot & Farnham 2s (5)

Scorer: Robinson

Romsey were braced for a tough game against top of the table Aldershot and Farnham .

Romsey were immediately put to the test as the visiting side scored twice and Romsey defender Caitlin Hogan-Lloyd went off with a head injury – all within the first 10 minutes.

Romsey struggled to cope against set pieces and clinical short corner routines and were punished heavily. With the half time score at 4-0, Romsey opted to push forward with nothing to loose, tactics which immediately paid dividends.

The home side found new energy and were unlucky not to score with cracking shots from Emma Beeching, Ella Palmer and but it was forward Karen Robinson who snatched a goal to put Romsey in with a chance.

Romsey’s improved form continued with creative midfield play from Beeching and Gemma Simpson and inspired runs from Leila Shaw and Jade Phillips . But it was all too late as Romsey continued to play high, their opposition almost inevitably capitalized with a counter-attack to seal the score at 5-1.

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