Friendly: Ladies 2s (0) vs Eastleigh (1)

A combination of 2nd & 3rd team players took on Eastleigh in this friendly half term fixture.

Both sides took time to settle but it was Romsey who then looked the better side, confidently feeding the ball around the back line of Gabriella Herbert , Anne Harding, Penne Edwards and Tracy Nicoll to release wingers Jade Phillips, Rose Middleton and Emily Williams, who made easy work of getting into the attacking 25 meters. Increasing the pressure for Romsey were midfielders Tilda Bryant, Karen Robinson and player of the match Rachael Carr who worked tirelessly.

But after maintaining most of the possession for the first half Romsey lost concentration – and the ball, gifting Eastleigh the perfect opportunity for a counterattack. An over-confident Romsey were slow to get back which left stand-in goalkeeper Gemma Simpson in a one on one. Unfortunately for Romsey Eastleigh capitalized on the rare Romsey defensive mistake to take the lead.

The rest of the game saw Romsey continue to show some moments of brilliance, with Maree Welsh playing a key role in stifling Eastleigh’s strikers, but were unable to penetrate the Eastleigh D to equalize. A disappointing result in a very close game

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