The Under 12 boys travelled to Southampton for their first game in a month. It was a tense and evenly balanced match, however Romsey were able to create enough decisive hockey plays to finish victorious. The game was scoreless for nearly two thirds of the time with thrilling end to end play reflecting solid defence including Ben Whittaker, Noah Cooper, William Gent and Oscar Wright with some crucial tackles and interceptions. A few early chances for Romsey were forced down the right with Harry Croft-Baker crossing powerfully across the D with close calls on goal from Matt Dyer, Morgan Robertson and Matt Loveday. Ben Harris and James Fuller continued to impress with their skills and confidence under pressure.
Romsey’s first goal came from a nicely threaded pass by Croft-Baker through a Southampton back line who were caught flat leaving Loveday and Edward Robinson against the keeper with Robinson remaining cool to push the ball past and into the Southampton goal.
This gave Romsey confidence to play the ball wider and Ben Sluman made good use of his right wing position drawing the game down the right hand side leading to a play which won a Romsey short corner. After a strike from the top of the D, Robertson picked up the shot in front of goal and deftly manoeuvred around a couple of the opposition to tap into goal.
Romsey started to tire and Southampton ran through to hit a well directed shot past keeper Daniel Alavi who had little chance with 2 on 1. Alavi, in only his second game as a goalie , had already made some crucial saves which allowed Romsey to return home victors 2:1.

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