Ladies 2s (0) vs Basingstoke (3)

Scorers: n/a

This was a must win game for Romsey against joint ‘bottom of the table’ Basingstoke.

All started well, with Romsey determined to come away with their first win of the season despite the absence of some key players, including their keeper.

The midfield were relentless, powering through Basingstoke’s back line and enjoying most of the possession in the first half. Anna Gilbert, Helen Ford and Jade Philips all had some fantastic early shots on goal but incredibly Basingstoke’s keeper somehow managed to reach them all.

Even several text book short corner strikes by Helen Ford couldn’t find the back of the net. While Romsey were unlucky, Basingstoke capitalised on their few chances, despite a gallant effort by stand-in keeper Steph Wyant.

With another loss looking likely, Romsey threw caution to the wind in the second half, playing Wyant up front instead of in goal in a bid to win three much needed three points.

Romsey had an outstanding second half, in particular Annie Harding playing kicking back made a string of incredible saves. Despite keeping a clean sheet in the second half it wasn’t enough and the score remained 3-0.

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