Our U12 Girls played away at Southampton this morning, during a welcome break in the Rain. Several last minute illnesses meant we only had 11 players, who were all suffering slightly from too many mince pies! – The first third was very positive, some excellent attacking play by Georgia Scott, Bobs Cooper, Annabel Shrimpton and Jennie Barnard, meant the majority of play in the Southampton end. One excellent “text book” short corner fed by Bobs to the excellent Zoe Henderson say Romsey on the score Board, and a couple of minutes later a brilliantly struck hit by Zoe again from the edge of the D saw Romsey 2.0 up.
The second third saw Southampton get a little stronger, the run of play went more in their direction and Ella Long man of the match), Rebecca Collyer and Georgina Hart were called in to play to defend our goal. With no goal keeper (due to sickness) Southampton managed to slot one away shortly before the whistle.

The final third, and both teams were tiring and perhaps regretting quite so much Christmas Chocolate. Much more end to end play, Emily Wann made some great runs, as did Zoe Henderson with a pitch long run, which was almost slotted home by Jennie, but eventually it was a cheeky Southampton goal evened up the score.

A good start to 2014, Romsey claimed the points as half of Southampton’s players were U14’s

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