A much changed U14 boys team travelled to Southampton today with debuts for George Forgan, Matt Rowland, and Noah Cooper who all started well and the team dominated the first 15  -20 minutes with Harry Croft Baker, Thomas Edwards and Jake Rowland to the fore. However the breakthrough could not be obtained and after Southampton opened the scoring with a well hit penalty corner,  the teams positioning, speed of passing and team play started to fall apart and Southampton scored a well earned second, albeit scrambled, goal to lead 2  0 at half time.

The second half was a different affair as Romsey  pushed further forward and became more dominant and  scored two through Croft Baker and a great reverse hit from Rowland to get a deserved draw, however there was an air of disappointment in the overall performance of the  team as the usual crisp inter passing and energy was missing but there is always merit in fighting back from being 2 -0 down.





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