Ladies 2nd XI (0) – (0) Basingstoke 3rd XI

The ladies 2nds put up a good fight to end the match 0-0 and earn a well deserved point against Basingstoke.

Basingstoke started quickly, whilst Romsey had yet to get into their stride, and the first 10 minutes of the match were deep into Romseys half with some fantastic defense keeping the game alive. However Romsey picked up their game with some tireless work in midfield from Emma Bouchard and Emma Beeching, and our chances started to come. The first half continued with some brilliant end to end hockey, and both teams having shots on goal, but neither managing to put it away.

At half time the team was positive and a lively team talk was reduced to laughter when Emma Bouchard fell backwards over the back board into the net, earning herself the privilege of wearing the silly sausage hat with no vote required.

Both teams started the second half with determination, but it was Romsey who showed what they could do when a great ball into the D was lifted towards the goal by Emily Williams, leading the goalie to have to make an amazing save. A few breaks from Basingstoke looked dangerous, and a penalty corner against Romsey ended with a penalty flick. Man of the Match and stand in goalkeeper Becky Hutchins stepped up to the mark and with her save came huge cheers form the team and crowd. A final spell of pressure from Basingstoke towards the end of the match gave Romseys defense a challenge, but the back line of Sally Shrubb, Gabby Herbert, Tracy Nicoll and Annie Harding continued to frustrate the opposition by stopping them in their tracks.

It was a game that could have gone either way, but it was Romseys concentration and determination that meant at least it didn’t go the wrong way.

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