Ladies 2s (3) vs (1) Petersfield 1s

Scorers: Williams, Pitt Pitts, Palmer

The ladies 2nds add three points with a 3-0 win over Petersfield to put them 4th in the table.

Romsey started with determination and had some early chances, however with Romsey playing high in Petersfield’s half a quick break from them led to some desperate defense and a resultant penalty corner. Petersfield’s corner wasn’t the best, but a little lack of concentration and a novice goalkeeper in Bethan Knights meant it was converted and Romsey went 1-0 down.

The Ladies 2nds are never to be down heartened by being a goal down, and the season has shown that often they have played there best when on the fight back, and today was to continue that theme. The rest of the half was played almost all in Petersfield’s half, with lots of chances. Finally, to everyone’s relief a short run and a quick pass of from Emily Pitt Pitts was swept into the goal by player of the match Emily Williams.

The second half started quick, with both teams battling to take the lead. A fantastic through ball from Annie Harding at right back was met on the run by Ella Palmer and quickly laid off to Emily Pitt Pitts, who calmly slotted it in behind the keeper, making the score line 2-1. The opposing team weren’t going to give up, and some tidy passing between the Petersfield midfield and forwards resulted in some dangerous play, and a they managed a couple of shots on goal. But as ever the Romsey defense battled hard and with the cool head of Gabby Herbert as sweeper, and Bethan Knights getting into the swing of being Goalkeeper, Petersfield’s brief opportunities were quickly dealt with.

Some more chances came Romsey’s way and Emily Williams made a fantastic run down the centre to leave her one on one with the Petersfield Goalkeeper, a fantastic save form the goalkeeper meant Romsey were still seeking that one more goal that would give them some security in the lead. Lots more pressure on the oppositions defense meant that goal finally came when Emily Pitt Pitts crossed the ball in from the right for Ella Palmer to slam it in two minutes from the final whistle.

With this win, Romsey Ladies 2nds continue a run of solid performances, and there is a noticeable increase in the teams confidence as a whole.

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