Romsey 4th XI secured a victory in what was their third ever fixture, in a close fought game, that gives a great start to 2015.

Romsey started brightly and Zak Cooper and Matchey Lincoln had some good possession, Cooper passed to Colin Harwood, his shot was well saved by the goal keeper as was his follow up. Then Cooper himself was denied by the keeper twice and Lincolns shot was also saved.

Fleet & Ewshott came back in to the game, Dave’s Andrews and Loescher marshalled Ollie Bryant and an outstanding Gus Reid to ensure Alex Buck in goal was not threatened early on.

Peter Cooper and Ben Manning started to control the midfield, but it was a turnover by Fleet that lead to a quick ball in to the Romsey Circle and Fleet manages to squeeze the ball past Buck to take the lead and go in 1-0 up at half time.

Romsey composed themselves for the second half and equalised from the re-start without Fleet touching the ball. Zak Cooper played the ball to Harwood, who passed it to Andrews, he in turn played it to Peter Cooper then J Robinson on the right wing was brought in to the move. He swapped passes with Harwood and Cooper before crossing for Harwood to touch the ball to Zak Cooper who smashed a shot in to the roof of the net for an amazing goal.

Romsey didn’t have it all their own way, Peter Cooper pulled off a goal line penalty corner save, Andrews and Buck slid in to each other clearing a Fleet attack, and Loescher had to pull off a number of last ditch tackles.

Then Chris Harwood and David Forgan created some passing to set up Joe Powell. His chance was saved, and he then set up Forgan whose shot went wide.

With the game heading for a draw, after Forgan had two more chances just wide, the ball fell for a Romsey stick in the circle and it was guided to Joe Powell who steered it calmly pass the keeper to secure a 2-1 victory.

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