Romsey fulfilled their U16 fixture despite having three players at Hampshire JAC, which meant calling on U14s to make up the team against a much older New Forest team. The final score did not reflect the match which Romsey were excellent in for 60 minutes.

In an even first half Jake Rowland, Zak Cooper and Matchey Lincoln all went close, but a breakaway move by New Forest gave keep Alex Buck no chance as the final two on one simply passed it in to the net.

While Romsey looked again for the equaliser with Art Barcia and Joe Powell strong down the wings Ben manning couldn’t quite concert the end product.

Jamie Sanderson, Ollie Bryant and Daniel Newman provided a solid defence and Chris Harwood was effective in front of the back three. New Forest doubled their lead when the took a hit outside the circle and ran on to the Romsey goal, with no challenge the forward pushed the ball past Buck for a 2-0 HT lead.

Romsey were unfortunate at the start of the second half with Jake Rowland seeing two fine reverse shots just going wide, and when a shot from New Forest got a deflection from another Forest player to wrong foot Buck it was 3-0.

Romsey then had better fortune and as Rowlands shot was blocked Zak Cooper followed up to pull one back, two minutes later it was 3-2 as Ben Manning’s run in to the circle was deflected over the line.

Romsey were intent on getting their deserved equaliser. Joe Powell got in the circle but his final pass was cut out, then Lincoln and Cooper combined with Manning but his shot was blocked.

With 15 minutes to go the game was finely balanced at 3-2 until New Forest over turned Romsey in the centre of the pitch, the break away couldn’t be cleared and Forest scored for 4-2.

Then with Chris Harwood taping up a split finger, Ollie Bryant going off after he took a full whack on the ankle New Forest scored three goals in the final five minutes to make a 7-2 scoreline unreflective of a great game.

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