Romsey Boy’s return to winning ways with a commanding performance against Gosport, despite being one man down, due to illness, for the whole match.

The match started well for Romsey with their first attack allowing Sebastian Wells to run into the Gosport Dee where he earned a short corner, the ball was injected by Jack Sluman to Charlie Westmacott whose powerful shot was too good for the keeper and Romsey took an early lead.  

There was no letup in pressure as Romsey used both wings to good effect, on the right Sam Attfield’s running and passing led to a Romsey shot just going wide, then on the left-wing William Rossdale and Jake Meehan combined as William ran into the Dee, he passed to Charlie who scored his second goal.

Gosport then had a good period of possession forcing a good save, high to the left of the Romsey Keeper Oliver O’Hara, the rebound was struck by Gosport and cleared off the line by Thomas Dyer, as the ball was cleared Gosport were awarded a short corner. The short corner was defended by Romsey who launched a quick counter attack, and Charlie scored his third goal before the end of the first period.  

It looked like Gosport were getting back into the game at the start of the second period, scoring an early goal from a good run from midfield. But Romsey soon returned to a 3-goal lead after Jack Sluman took a free hit quickly, fed the ball to Charlie who scored again.

A further Gosport attack was stopped by Archie Davis, who then ran with the ball the full length of the pitch into the Gosport Dee, he was only stopped by a great tackle which denied him a goal. The second period ended 4 one.

As the third period started, Romsey upped their intensity and soon the goals began to flow again. First down one wing and then the other, Romsey’s attack caused Gosport a lot of problems. Sam Attfield had 3 quick shots saved by the keeper before Sebastian passed to Charlie in the Dee whose shot was saved. Then William coming in from his wing won a short corner, again Jack Sluman injected, Charlie’s hard shot was saved but Sebastian got the rebound first and passed to Charlie who scored. A few minutes later Romsey scored from another short corner, before Gosport got one back, hitting on the break the Gosport wing received the ball in plenty of space, he made a quick run into the Romsey Dee and scored with a shot just past the keeper.

Romsey soon got a goal back, this time going through midfield, Charlie passed to Jack Meehan who scored and then celebrated with his one-handed cartwheel. Jack Meehan soon returned the favour with a lovely pass to Charlie who scored his 7th of the game and Romsey’s 8th.  

The game ended with Gosport attaching but they could not find a way through, first Frederick O’Hara stopped a break, and then the match was concluded with a save by the Romsey keeper Oliver.

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