Coaching Notes

Coaching notes. Initially copied from James East blog

Player A pass to B. B receive on reverse ‘in flow’ and drive on a curve to top of D. Cut back to the right with a little lift into the D and shoot on forehand side (normal shot).

Player A pass to B. B receive on reverse and immediately cut right then drive to D on strong side. At top of D cut back left and shoot on backhand side (reverse stick hit).

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This is a page from my notebook. In this drill, player A passes to B and follows the pass. B receives on the weak side and carries the ball around the right cone before passing back to A who receives strong side and dribbles round the left cone.

Another notebook page. In this drill, A pass to B and follow pass, B to C, C to D and D back to A. Once we got the hang of this we did it in the anti-clockwise direction.

When we first start to play hockey we learn to stop the ball, then look for a pass, then execute the pass. This is fine for beginners, but it presents problems when up against better opposition. For a start, when you stop the ball, you make a fixed target for a tackle. You also create a fixed point around which defenders can ring the ball and/or mark up potential receivers.

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This bunch are the team which beat Andover 3 at the end of last season. They are b-r Chalkie, Stu, Miles jnr, Cat, Mr Arnold, Mr Andrews, Aaron f-r Huge, Me, Sharkie, Pete S, Blake, Jasonorlewis, Lewisorjason. Don’t trust them with the scissors.

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone. My name is Jim East (second left front row). I am a qualified hockey coach. This doesn’t prove anything. I turn up at a session with a fairly clear idea of what I want to do and how I want to do it. Coming the other way are the forces of how many have turned up, what they want to do, and so on.

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