Girls U12 Match Reports

Teamwork and Passing = Goals

Romsey U12 Girls travelled to Southampton for their first match of the season.  The team started strongly from the outset, with newcomer Eva Ackerman dominating the middle of the pitch and making some strong passes to forwards Molly Knapman, Phoebe Lewis and Eleanor Blake. The girls put lots of pressure on Southampton, intercepting passes and making some great tackles. It was from one of these interceptions that midfielder Annabel Coltart took the ball into the D and struck hard, scoring her first goal for the team.  This seemed to wake up the opposition who made plenty of counter-attacks, but the defensive team were solid. Centre Back Lily Pilinger, who was also awarded Player of the Match, had a great game, using her speed to good effect to chase down the attack and take the ball off them.

In the second of the three periods of play, Romsey kept up a strong, fast moving attack. Mia Adams and Phoebe Lewis combined well down the right wing, passing the ball to Eva who’s strike flew up into the back of the net for an unstoppable goal number 2.   The girls’ confidence grew and more great passing in the midfield between Olivia Wells and Hermione Murray saw a long hit fall to Molly Knapman, who calmly put the ball away for her first goal of the season.

The final third was a continuation of the first two. The girls kept attacking, but also maintained a strong defence which saw backs Chalrotte Ackerman, Grace French and Evelyn Berensford marking tightly and putting in some great tackles. Southampton won a couple of short corners, but the girls came out fast and denied the opposition a chance to score. Energy levels remained high and the team took every opportunity to counter attack. Some more fine teamwork saw Phoebe Lewis pick up a pass in the D, make a lovely turn and score. Romsey made it very hard for Southampton to clear the ball out from their half and Molly Knapman was well positioned to pick up another long ball for her second goal.

Anna Loadman, playing in goal, had a great match, staying focused and coming out strongly when the opposition threatened.

It was only in the final minutes of the game that Southampton put a long ball through to one of their forwards who was unmarked and managed to take the ball in and score. The final result was a very well deserved Romsey 5 Southampton 1.

Romsey U12 Girls ended their season on a positive note with a well deserved win over Alton at home on Sunday. The visitors were short of players but the girls readily volunteered to take turns playing for them, which made for an evenly matched and friendly game on the warmest day of the year so far.  Alton were quick to attack, putting pressure on the Romsey defence from the start. In an end to end period of play, they took the lead with a well angled strike. Romsey came back strongly however, with Liv W, Katy R and Neve A pushing forwards and creating lots of opportunities, which were saved by some excellent goalkeeping. 

The second third saw Romsey continue to attack, but in pushing forward they left themselves open at the back and Alton managed to sneak a second goal, with Romsey being denied numerous times by a solid Alton defence. Then Romsey managed to get a goal back with a goalmouth scramble that Katy R put away. The girls heads came up and they started to believe in themselves more. Some excellent interceptions from Molly and Lily ensured the team kept attacking, while Zara, Evelyn and Olivia Wells all marked well in defence, so that Alton could not often get in the D. 

Romsey came out strong in the final third, creating numerous chances. Midfielders Amy, Mia and Phoebee helped to keep up the pressure by making some lovely runs and passing the ball well. Romsey had several short corners in the period, one of which Liv W managed to convert with a well struck shot from the top of the D. With Charlotte R now up front, along with Eleanor, the team kept up the pressure on Alton. On the few occasions that Alton managed to attack, the defence held firm, with Aimee clearing the ball well at sweeper and Anna making some great saves in goal, the team did not concede a single short corner or goal. With continued pressure from the whole team playing attacking hockey, the girls scored their 3rd and winning goal towards the end of the final third through ?. It was a fine performance from the whole team and a great way to end the season. 

Romsey U12 girls hosted Haslemere at home this Sunday. Icy conditions delayed the start and meant the girls had to play on a shortened pitch. Haslemere settled first and proved strong on the break, scoring a couple of quick goals to put the visitors ahead. Mia Adams had volunteered to don the pads and play in goal this week for the home side. She did a great job demonstrating a good eye for the ball and a strong kick when defending her lines, but was narrowly beaten by a confident Haslemere attack. At the other end, the opposition proved to have an experienced goalkeeper who saved some early forays into the D by Romsey. The first quarter ended 0-3.
The team kept pushing forward and played some of their best hockey in the middle two quarters. Player of the match Liv Wahn combined well with Phoebee Corcoran and Neve Adams to push the play into their attacking half. The defence played much further up field to support the attack which meant Romsey dominated this part of the game. Unfortunately they could not translate this into goals as the players grouped too closely together and got in each others way. Some excellent defending by Zarah Marino, Susie Hughes, Anna Loadman and Charlotte Roberts kept the visitors from scoring during this period of the game.
After keeping a clean sheet for much of the third quarter a Romsey short corner was pounced on by the Haslemere defence who quickly broke up field catching the Romsey defence flat. A lovely pass to an unmarked player ended in another goal for the opposition. The girls’ heads dropped and they were quickly overwhelmed by several Haslemere attacks, which they translated into two more goals. The result was a disappointing 0-6, and a long way from their strong performance last week against Southampton. 

Romsey U12 girls played their second league match on Sunday, away against local rivals Southampton. The side started strongly in the first third with forwards Eleanor Blake and Katie Ryan combining well to get into the Southampton D and put numerous shots on goal. Southampton were able to deny Romsey only through some excellent goalkeeping and determined defence. The midfeld of Annabel Coltart and Grace French backed up the forwards with some great interceptions and passing, and Centre Midfielder Olivia Wahn showed her skills and fitness with numerous drives up the pitch. She crossed the ball on many occasions but the forwards were unable to take these chances. One of Southampton’s few attacks in this period saw a goal mouth scramble following a short corner which led to some great defence by backs Lily Pilinger and Zarah Marino as well as volunteer goalie Neve Adams. Unfortunately they were unable to keep the ball out of the goal and the side were 1-0 down at the end of the first period.

The second period saw Romsey continue with their domination of play. Newcomer Aimee Hills proved to be a very capable and confident sweeper and centre back Susie Hughes defended well, keeping the ball clear of the D and allowing the midfield to mount numerous attacks. Two other newcomers to the side Phoebee Corcoran and Olivia Wells played well up front, helping the side to maintain pressure on the opposition. Finally the pressure paid off as Mia Adams skillfully drove up the right of the pitch and crossed the ball to Olivia Wahn who calmly shot the ball into the back of the net to end the second period at 1-1.

The girls’ fitness and determination showed through in the third period as they successfully managed to enter the D and shoot at goal on many occasions. A goal seemed so close many times, only to go wide or be kept out by the Southampton goalie. On the counter attacks, Romsey proved their defence was unbreakable with some great tackles by Anna Loadman, who showed her versatility by playing several different positions during the game, which ended with a 1-1 draw. Overall it was an impressive and encouraging display from the team and they should be justly proud of their teamwork and perseverance.

Romsey U12 girls played their first league match of the season at home to Aldershot and Farnham on Sunday. Not having a full time goalie, we drew lots and Annabel Coltart was the unlucky player who had to don the kit. She did a fantastic job, having never played in this position before, making some fine saves. The young team started out well, making some good attacking moves through midfielders Katie Ryan and Liv Wahn. Forwards Neve Adams and Eleanor Blake managed to penetrate the D on several occasions, but the Aldershot goalie was quick off her line and made some good saves. Aldershot counterattacked and managed to put our defense of Charlotte Akerman, Lily Pilinger, Zara Marino and Susie Hughes under a lot of pressure. The girls did well to clear the ball away on numerous occasions but one got through and the visitors pulled ahead. However Romsey kept their heads and soon scored an equalizer from a cleanly struck shot by Liv Wahn.

The Aldershot girls were undaunted and kept up the pressure, attacking strongly down the middle of the pitch. The Romsey defence were caught out of position and the visitors were able to score several goals in quick succession. By the end of the first third, the score was 3-1.

After a quick team talk, the game resumed with Charlotte Roberts coming in as a forward and Molly Knapman showing her versatility playing out of position in midfield, where she did a great job both attacking and defending. Anna Loadman also came on in defence, putting in some strong tackles. Despite this and strong defensive work from all players the opposition proved too strong and managed to score another 3 goals. Romsey kept fighting back, never once giving up, but could not manage to threaten the Aldershot goal.

The final third saw a much stronger performance from the home side. Defensively they managed to keep a much better shape and the midfield were able to spread the ball wide and attack down the wing through Grace French, Neve and Mia Adams. They were unlucky not to score, and managed to prevent Aldershot from finding the back of the net, so the game ended 1-6 to the visitors.

For many of the girls, this was their first experience of an 11 a side game on a full size pitch. They should all feel extremely proud of themselves for their determination and performance against a stronger team that undoubtedly had more, older players with experience of this format of the game. Thank you also to Ladies 3rd XI players Lisa Morgan for umpiring and Jess Jones for support.  


Romsey U12 girls have qualified for the Regional In-2-Hockey tournament. The squad consisting of Daisy Richardson (GK), Alice Appleton, Catherine Clarke, Tessa Drake, Naeve Pountney, Phoebe Peters, Phoebe Shelley and Olivia Wann, coached by Charlotte Towell and assisted by Robyn Cooper, did tremendously well and played some great hockey. They got off to a slow start drawing 0-0 against both New Forest and Trojans but then with some team talk and tactical changes, they won against Alton 2-1, which meant they were top of their group and facing Winchester in the semi-final. This was a closely matched game but Romsey secured the winning goal to ensure their place in the final and their qualification for the regional tournament. The girls should be extremely proud of themselves and their performance, to be one of two teams that qualify from Hampshire is a fantastic achievement!

Romsey U12 girls were home to Havant on Sunday and were caught out in the first minutes of the game by an early goal from Havant. However they then stepped up and had the majority of the play with the first Romsey goal coming from a strike just inside the circle by Alice Appleton to even the score up. Havant came back fighting in the second third and Romsey keeper Daisy Richardson was kept busy making some great saves but Havant were persistent and broke through the Romsey defence to score again. The final third saw Romsey taking the ball early in a bid to catch Havant off guard, which enabled Phoebe Peters to score from a well worked run into the circle. The score now stood at 2-2 and both teams were desperate for the winning goal!! Havant had a short corner in the dying minutes of the game but Romsey kept them out, the final score a 2-2 draw. A great performance by the Romsey girls, who showed determination and teamwork throughout. 

Romsey U12 Girls were home to Andover on Sunday and after a tense match the final score was 3-3. The first 20 minutes saw Andover score 2 goals in quick succession with Romsey being caught off guard. Things improved in the second third as the girls continued to gain more possession with Charlotte Dunkley making some great runs down the wing and the first goal coming from Alice Appleton. Romsey were now in full swing with Charlotte scoring the second goal to even the score up to 2-2. However, the Andover forwards kept the pressure on the Romsey defence with keeper Daisy Richardson making some great saves but a break in defence saw Andover score their third goal. Romsey continued to push forward and were awarded a short corner taken by Tessa Drake out to Alice Appleton who fired it into the top right corner of the goal evening up the score to 3-3. The last 20 was tense with both teams desperately trying to score for the win, however some great defending from Romsey’s Katie Smart, Naeve Pountney, Olivia Wann and Ellie East meant the Andover side were unsuccessful, with the final score remaining at 3-3. 

Romsey U12 girls had a fantastic start to the season with a 4-0 win away to Aldershot and Farnham on Sunday 8th November.At the end of the first 20 the score remained 0-0 although Romsey were creating far more chances than their opponents and had the majority of the play. The first goal came in the second 20 from a ball taken up the pitch by Alice Appleton and crossed to Charlotte Dunkley who made a great shot at goal. The second was from a short corner taken by Tessa Drake received by Alice Appleton who fired it at the goal but was kicked back out by the goalie at which point Charlotte Dunkley finished the job!! Romsey were now 2-0 up and continued their winning streak into the final third with a well worked goal from a pass into the circle from Charlotte Dunkley out on the wing into Alice Appleton, who took on the defence to score. The last goal came from Phoebe Shelley following a few attempts at goal by the Romsey forwards.

A well deserved win by the girls who should be extremely proud of their performance, they all worked incredibly well as a team considering this was the first time they had played together.



Romsey U12 Girls were home to Havant on Sunday 18th January.

The first period started well with Romsey initially having the majority of the play, however Havant had two short corners in succession scoring off the second.

The second third saw Havant score another goal early on, which may have been more had it not been for some brilliant saves by the Romsey keeper Daisy Richardson and solid tackling from the defensive line up of Sophie Davidson, Lola Field, Naeve Pountney and Katie Smart. Romsey then came back with a ball pushed up through the middle from Alice Appleton to Maddy Gale who took a well aimed shot at goal making the score 2-1 to Havant.

The last 20 minutes and Romsey were fighting back with Tara Alavi switched into defense making good clearances out to Marianne Lawson and Florence Robinson on the wings. The second goal for Romsey came from a pass up through the middle from Grace Loveridge to Catherine Clarke who crossed it into the circle to find Tessa Drake who turned on the ball and shot at goal. With the score now at 2-2, a few last minute substitutions and switches for Havant saw them scoring a further 2 goals literally in the remaining 5 minutes, the final score 4-2 to Havant.

The Romsey girls should all be immensely proud of their performance against a strong Havant Side and the improvements in their play was hugely noticeable.
Well done to each and every one of them.



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