Mini Match Reports

Milly Chatterley (1), Oscar Cowburn, Camilla Day, Elsie Duncan, Clara Fuller, Charlie Gray, Caitlin Jupp, Emma Lake, Sophie Morris, Maggie Nicholson, Hannah Tyson.

There was a lot of excitement with the U8s travelling to Winchester for the first mini tournament of the season. With all but two of the squad representing Romsey for the first time Romsey used the first few games to settle. Romsey showed great team spirit and improved each time in closely fought games against Trojans B (0-0), Trojans A (0-2), Bournemouth (0-2) and Salisbury (0-1).

After a break of two games (and refuelling on cake!) Romsey went into 3 back to back games. This enabled Romsey to get used to playing in their positions, grow in confidence and start putting together some good passes.

Romsey defended solidly, moving the ball forward well and were unlucky not to score against Winchester B with the game finishing 0-0. Against Winchester A, Romsey showed their growing confidence enjoying some good periods of possession. Towards the end of the game Milly broke through scoring a well-deserved goal for the team; the game finishing 1-0. After a win spirits were high going into the final game against Andover. Romsey started well going close in the first few minutes. Andover fought back hard at the end, Romsey showed great spirit with everyone getting stuck in defending, Oscar as the final defender was unbeatable saving several shots on the line! After a nail biting finish the game ended 0-0.

Romsey improved brilliantly over the course of the tournament, the squad were happy, smiley and positive for the whole morning and should be incredibly proud of their effort!


Romsey u10 played their first tournament of the season on Sunday at Winchester. In their first match against Salisbury Romsey started strong, piling the pressure on the Salisbury defence. Midfield trio Marcus Lake, Sebastian Wells and Tristan Cuff dominated the attacking zone, feeding great passes into Zoë Phillips and Harriet Field upfront who worked hard to create chances on goal. Tilly Duncan and Toby Fuller were solid in defence, denying Salisbury any opportunities at goal on the counterattack. Romsey continued to pressure Salisbury’s defence and their hard work was soon rewarded after Marcus Lake managed to slip the ball past the keeper into the net to take the lead. Fighting to the finish Romsey went into full time with a 1-0 win. Next Romsey faced local rivals New Forest. Despite some great attempts on goal from Phoebe Lewis and Ellie Gibson, Romsey were unable to find the back of the net. Outstanding goalkeeping from Joe kept Romsey in the game, taking the team into full time with a hard fought 0-0 draw. Despite excellent team work throughout the game, Romsey were unlucky to concede two goals against a very strong Bournemouth side, losing 2-0. Against Bournemouth B the team linked up some beautiful passes in the attacking zone, taking them to a 3-0 victory with two great goals from Sebastian and a lovely strike from Zoë. Romseys next two games against tough opponents Trojans and Southampton ended in 3-0 and 2-0 losses. Romsey came back fighting in their last match against Winchester with newfound determination. Despite an early goal from the opposition, Romsey brought their A game spreading out the play well and driving the ball down the wings, allowing Romsey to take back the lead with two superb goals from Zoë and Marcus. Goalkeeping heroics from Joe at the back allowed Romsey to maintain the scoreline, going into full time with a 2-1 victory. Excellent team work throughout the day resulted in a great team performance.

The U10s had a great tournament at Trojans, winning the majority of their matches. The quality of their play, attitude and team spirit were excellent throughout.


Romsey u8s played their last tournament of the season on Sunday at Trojans. Romsey A played their first match against Trojans Artichokes. After conceding an unlucky goal in the first few minutes, Romsey began to settle into the game, piling on the pressure and pushing high into the Trojans defence. Great passing between Milly Chatterley and Ellie Gibson in midfield pushed Romsey forwards, soon leading to a great goal from Sebastian Wells to even out the score line. Well placed tackles from defenders Toby Fuller and Lucy Waldon prevented Trojans from furthering their score. Tristan Cuff in midfield fed the ball well out to the wings where forwards Harriet Field and Imogen Akerman worked hard to break through the Trojans strong back line. Despite their efforts Romsey were unlucky not to further their score, going into full time 1-1. Romsey B played the next match against Trojans B. Great teamwork between Tilly Duncan and Hattie Knapman in defence denied Trojans any early opportunities. The girls linked up well with midfielders Lewie Brown and Tom Coltart who showed great skill in dribbling the ball into the shooting zone and soon found Sebastian Wells on the right wing. Despite an impossibly tight angle a great strike from Seb found the back of the net, taking Romsey into the lead. Several great shots followed from Sofia Balasteros and Annabel Norman who were unlucky not to score. Zoe Phillips and Sebastian Wells in midfield worked well together, continuing to pile the pressure on the Trojans defenders. Fighting to the finish Romsey went into full time 1-0 up. Romsey A then beat Salisbury 1-0 with a superb goal from striker Marcus Lake, they then beat Southampton 1 5-0 with two goals from Marcus, two goals from Harriet and a great strike from Tristan. Against local rivals Winchester they drew 2-2 with another 2 goals from Marcus before drawing 1-1 with Bournemouth after another great goal from Sebastian. Romsey B beat Winchester 2-0 with goals from Marcus and a lovely shot from Tom before winning 5-0 against Southampton with goals from Sebastian, Tom and Sofia. Romsey B then won 5-0 against Trojans Carrots before drawing 1-1 in their penultimate game against Bournemouth. In their last game against Trojans Broadbeans Romsey won 3-0 with two goals from Seb and a well aimed shot from Zoe. A great team performance as a result of their hard work throughout the season.

u8s trojans 2016

Romsey U10’s travelled to Bournemouth for the New Forest minis tournament.

Two teams were entered and 10 games played – the squad should be very proud of their 6 wins and although 4 games were lost they were all extremely close games and most lost against the run of play.

Joe Williams played his first time as GK and showed great calm in the position.

Many players were asked to try out more than one position throughout the morning and Charlotte Akerman, Annabelle Coultart, Lily Pillinger and Anna Loadman all adapted to their position in every game and supported with some wonderful passing and defending.

Two of our younger U10’s – Phoebe Lewis and Harry Appleton had a fantastic tournament, displaying great determination – Phoebe scoring 2 goals and Harry 1.

Tom Dyer and Freddie Ohara were both solid in defence – as always! – but when asked to push up Tom was rewarded with a well placed goal.

Molly Knapman and Mia Adams played solidly in mid field and as forwards, both unlucky not to score during the tournament.

A battle for top scorer of the day emerged between Luke Walter, Jack Meehan and Will Rossdale – Luke and Jack finished on 4 and Will on 5!

U10s in New Forest Tournament

U10s in New Forest Tournament

Romsey U8s, so far undefeated this season, continued their winning streak at Salisbury Minis Tournament.  They won all four of their matches with Tom Coltart, Harriet Field, Marcus Lake and Sebastian Wells scoring 12 goals between them.  Defenders Tom Coltart and Toby Fuller were magnificent and kept our sheet clean.  Ellie Gibson, Annabel Norman and Zoe Phillips had several chances at goal and were unlucky not to add to our scoreline.  Romsey dominated every match and demonstrated how much they have developed as a team, playing the full width of the pitch, executing some great passes and using their improving stick skills to great advantage.  A well-deserved result.

u8s salisbury

Romsey u8s continued their great start to the season at their home tournament on Sunday with the A team remaining undefeated after 3 tournaments. Romsey A played their first match against Southampton A. Marcus Lake quickly opened up the scoring after a great pass into the D from Sebastian Wells in midfield. Tilly Duncan and Toby Fuller were strong in defence, denying the Southampton attackers any opportunities on goal. Midfielders Zoe Phillips and Annabel Norman worked hard, feeding the ball up the wings to the forwards, leading to a second goal from Marcus Lake. At full time the score was 2-0, an excellent start for Romsey A. Romsey B then played their first game against Southampton 2. Lewie Brown and Finn Van Zyl dominated the midfield, linking up well with Ellie Gibson and Lucy Waldon upfront. Romsey remained encamped in the oppositions half and were unlucky not to score with several shots going just wide of the goal posts. Southampton managed to score on the break and at full time the score was 1-0. Romsey A continued to dominate against Salisbury. Milly Chatterley and Tom worked hard upfront, making several skilful runs past the Salisbury defence. Great passes from Sebastian into the attacking zone created three goals from Marcus and a superb goal from Harriet Field. At full time the score was 4-0. Romsey B played a tense match against Andover. It was end to end with Clara Fuller, Sophie Clarke and Imogen piling on the pressure on the Andover defenders.  Lewie Brown made several great shots on goal and was unlucky not to score. Hattie Knapman worked hard in the centre midfield, supporting both the forwards and defence. Oliver Channel and hockey hero Fergus made some outstanding tackles to prevent Andover from scoring. The match ended 0-0. Romsey A then won 2-0 against Bournemouth with fantastic goals from Seb and Marcus and then went on to beat local rivals Trojans A 2-1 with a goal from Marcus and a lovely goal from Tom in his first tournament for the club. Romsey B then played two very tough games against Bournemouth and Southampton A. There was outstanding teamwork in both matches and Romsey were unlucky to lose. Romsey A played their last game against Southampton 2 winning 6-0 with 2 goals from Marcus, two goals from Seb and a goal from Zoe and Harriet. Both teams put in outstanding performances as a result of all their hard work in training.

Romsey U10’s played at the Salisbury minis tournament this weekend. They were rewarded with 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses.

Thomas Dyer, Matthew Davidson, Lily Pillinger, Joe Williams and Frederick O’Hara showed consistency in defence, with Tom Dyer showing great calm and support throughout.

The midfield players of; Will Rossdale, Luke Walter and Jack Sluman covered the pitch and supported their defence and attack with some great passing and use of space. Jack was rewarded with 4 goals and Luke with 2.

Molly Knapman, Anna Loadman, William Norman, Mia Adams and Jack Meehan displayed determination to find the back of the goal – Jack was top scorer with 5 and Mia scored 2, while Molly was unlucky more than once.

A great mornings hockey to watch in the sunshine, the team should be proud of their performance.


Romsey u8s played their first tournament of the season on Sunday in Bournemouth. They began their first match against Trojans Tornadoes in good form when Sebastian Wells dribbled the ball down the wing and had a shot at goal, taking the score line to 1-0. This was quickly followed by two goals from Marcus Lake and a goal from Harriet Field. Trojans attempted an attack on the Romsey goal but were denied by defenders Toby Fuller and Oliver Channel who made some great tackles and returned the ball back to the midfield. Romsey had one more scoring opportunity when a pass from Clara Fuller to Harriet Field upfront lead to a shot on goal which was blocked by a Trojans defender, Sebastian Wells was quick on the rebound to put Romsey at 5-0 at full time. The team continued to play well in their second game against Trojans Hurricanes leading to a 5-0 win with 2 goals from Sebastian Wells and Marcus Lake and a goal from Zoe Phillips after she had dribbled it down the pitch to put the ball in the back of the net. Romsey continued to dominate against Salisbury. Tilly Duncan in midfield continued to feed the ball into the forwards, putting the Salisbury defence under constant pressure, leading to a 3-0 victory with 2 goals from Marcus and 1 goal from Sebastian. The u8s then played a defensive game against Bournemouth, coming out on top with a close 2-1 win after a goal from Marcus followed by another from Zoe in the final minutes of the game. Romsey’s final game against Winchester Wildcats lead to a 4-0 win with excellent defensive work from Toby and Tilly with goals from Marcus and a hat trick from Sebastian. An excellent team performance as a result of all their hard work in training.

Harry Appleton (5), Lewie Brown, Harry Channell, Oliver Channell, Milly Chatterley, Tilly Duncan, Harriet Field, Toby Fuller, Poppy Hanslip, Marcus Lake (2), Phoebe Lewis, William Norman (2), Zoe Phillips, Finn van Zyl and Sebastian Wells (1)

Romsey got off to a good start in their first match against Bournemouth.  Phoebe led the charge putting in some excellent tackles in midfield. Bournemouth then went on the counterattack. Oliver and Poppy stood firm and unfazed in the face of a persistent and determined Bournemouth onslaught.  After going down one goal, Romsey were back on the offensive.  Harry executed a deft pass to William who found the goal with a decisive strike to level the score.  The team all played well together and were unlucky to go down another goal on the break (1, 2).  In the next match against New Forrest Otters, Sebastian, Finn, Milly and Marcus played well in midfield passing the ball up to Lewie and Zoe playing up front.  Our defensive line up of Harriet and Toby showed great teamwork and coped very well with some strong attacks (0, 1).  Next up was Southampton A.   From the start Romsey were in control and most of the game was played in the Southampton half.  The match was clinched by a Harry Double Act.  Harry Appleton scored the goal, set up brilliantly by Harry Channell (1, 0). Our next match was against the Southampton B team.  Toby made a great run through midfield showing his newly acquired reverse stick skills.  He ran into heavy traffic just in front of the D and so couldn’t capitalise on his break (0,0). Against Southampton C, Harry Appleton quickly put us in front, followed shortly by a great goal from Marcus, both Romsey goals being set up by lovely passes from Toby. Trojans proved to be tough competition.  Marcus managed to put one away but the team was undone by three goal Trojan goals (1,3). Against Winchester the team fought resiliently. Phoebe made a couple of great passes in midfield which resulted in narrow misses at goal.  Continued pressure from Winchester produced a lot of great defending by the team and Tilly made a crucial clearance in the D to thwart another Winchester goal (0, 3). Romsey had a great match against the New Forrest Otters.  Our first goal was scored by William and was set up by Harry Appleton.  Marcus made an inspired run into space up the wing and crossed into Sebastian who had put himself in a great position within the D to score the second (2,0).  Against Winchester B, Harry Appleton skilled his way through midfield, evaded his defenders in the D and put away the winning goal for the team (1,0). The penultimate match was against Trojans B.  Harry Appleton opened Romsey’s account and increased our lead further by converting a great long pass up from Toby (2, 1). Our final match against the New Forest Badgers was a closely fought match with a few chances that we were unable to convert (0, 0).  Well done to the Romsey U8 squad, you showed great skills and enthusiasm today!



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