This week we did a lot of work on goalscoring. The key thing to think about is that keepers are pretty good at saving shots from the top of the D when they are set.

So here are a few simple ideas to improve your chances of scoring.

  1. try to shoot from close range.
  2. Try to shoot with a 1st time shot
  3. Try to commit the GK then slip a pass for a team mate to have an easy tap in.
  4. Try to shoot when moving laterally – left to right or right to left rather than toward the goal.

Obviously you shouldn’t try to do all these things at once !

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So this week we did a whole bunch of shooting drills with a little bit about receiving. When receiving on the move it is a good idea to get strong as soon as possible, and for preference to receive on the strong side in the first place.

It is a really good idea to make a habit of moving your feet to receive the ball on your strong (forehand) side, and only receive on your weak (backhand) side if you don’t have time to sort your feet out.

Why ? Well, the time it takes to drag the ball back to the string side is enough time to allow a defender to readjust her position and apply the pressure on you.

We also practised receiving without stopping the ball. This is a handy skill to have since you can beat a defender immediately. Allowing the ball to run across your body usually carries it out of the reach of a potential tackler who is expecting you to stop the ball in front of you.

If you want me to go over any of the skills we looked at on thursday (especially if you weren’t there!) ask me next session.


Here then are some observations from a good win over a competent opposition. First of all (since I am going to pick the odd nit) I must stress how impressed I was with this performance individually and collectively. There were lots of good bits of skill on show especially some razor sharp basics, and the individual performaces added up to a really good team performance.

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In the last two sessions you’ve been working on receiving the ball without stopping it. In particular you have been practising receiving the ball from left or right while running and facing towards thew goal you are attacking.

This England hockey video deals with receiving of all kinds, and it is well worth practicing all these techniques.