Ladies 2nd XI (1) vs (1) United Services Portsmouth

Scorer: Humphries

After 4 hockey-free weeks enjoying the festivities and mince pies Romsey 2nds earnt themselves a well deserved point against United Services Portsmouth.

Romsey dominated possession from the onset however, USP on soggy home soil were determined to give Romsey an even game. The determination and commitment of both teams was portrayed within minutes of the first whistle with Romsey right-wing Sophie Hurley battling with UPS and the umpire awarding a bully-off. Hurley was successful at winning possession and drove into the D.

Never the less it was USP that took the advantage with a spectacular cross across the front of the keeper which looked to have missed the goal until it was delicately deflected into the corner to put the home side ahead.

Heads held high Romsey battled to regain possession and replied with a strong attack winning a short corner. Short corner after short corner took the game to half time and Romsey were unable to convert.

In the second half USP were quick on the break and Amy Edwards stood fast deflecting and intercepting the advancing USP. Romsey continued to volley the ball back with players of the match; Captain Bethan Knights and Sally Shrubb driving the ball effortlessly up the middle of the pitch. Romsey continued to win attacking short corners, unsuccessfully converting. However, a strike from Lesley Humphries at the top of D levelled the score.

Moments before the final whistler USP won a short corner and the tension increased as they look set to take the lead again. Romsey deflected the ball and another short corner was awarded, the Romsey defence stood fast and cleared it.

After a well-battle and even match, Romsey drew and took home a point before the heavens opened.

Romsey Ladies 2 (3) vs Havant (1)

Scorers: Edwards, Hurley, Palmer.

Dank and dreary winter weather couldn’t dampen Ladies 2 spirits as they battled the elements to secure a win at Romsey against Havant. The first half saw end to end action from both sides. Havant demonstrating their experience and maturity as a team with strong tackling and accurate passes. With Romsey intercepting and driving with the ball at every opportunity however, it would be Havant who would earn themselves several short corners before finally securing a penalty flick against Romsey’s young and upcoming goal keeping Georgie Pugh. Despite a valiant effort a deflection from the goals keepers stick saw Havant take the lead minutes before half time.

Despite weather the Romsey supporters were out in force providing much appreciated moral, support and umbrellas. This weekends match saw a number of players in unfamiliar positions though that didn’t affect performance. Alice Shoebridge (player of the match) taking a defensive role in her stride, continuously fending off Havant attacks before clearing the ball to Romsey midfields who attached in unison: winning a penalty flick. Amy Edwards demonstrating a perfect flick under pressure thus equalising the score.

During the second half Romsey maintained possession and continued to attack the Havant defence though without any conversions. With only 10 minutes to go Havant made the most of 16 yard hit and broke early, driving into the Romsey defence. Romsey cleared the ball quickly, which was received by player of the match, Sophie Hurley who drove the ball down the wing before cutting across the back of Havant defence taking a shot at goal. The keeper lurched forward to clear the ball, stopping the attack though Hurley made the most of the keeper being on the floor and tapped the ball between her knees, giving the home team the advantage.

Havant fought hard with the resulting pushback though Romsey regained possession immediately. Lesley Humphries powering a shot at goal which was deflected by Ella Palmer and the far post taking the score to 3-1. With only minutes to go Romsey changed their tactics and played defensively. Working to clear the ball and maintain the possession against Havant who fought tirelessly and fiercely until the final whistle.

A thoroughly well deserved win for Romsey.

Andover 3rd XI (0) vs (1) Ladies 2nd XI

Scorer: Palmer

Romsey 2nd XI traveled north to Andover for their 6th league match of the season. With the sun shining the game started with both teams having equal possession.

Romsey got into their stride with youngster Sophie Lawson having some runs up the left and Romsey stringing together some good passes to win a short corner. Ella Palmer pushed the ball out to the top of the D for Anna G to strike, unfortunately wide of the goal.

With Romsey then having most of the possession the rest of the half and some near misses the 1st half finished level at 0-0.

Again Romsey started the 2nd half strongly not really letting Andover into the game, with good defensive play from Gigi Herbert and some strong linking runs between Emma Bouchard and Tilda Bryant in midfield.

Romsey won another short corner, and after a bit of scrappy play resulted in a penalty flick. Unfortunately due to a technicality the flick wasn’t allowed.

Romsey were not put off from fighting hard and eventually were rewarded with a goal from Ella Palmer from a cross to the post for her to slot in past the keeper. The whole team played well and player of the match was joint between Bryant and stand-in captain Maree Welch.

Southampton 3rd XI (0) vs (1) Ladies 2nd XI

Scorer: Cooper (1)

An outstanding team effort and some solid defending earned Romsey Ladies 2nd XI 3 points with a 1-0 win.

The game started with some end to end hockey with strong performances from both sides, but Romseys cool headed and well organised defense calmly dealt with any attack Southampton brought their way.

Meanwhile Romseys attackers gave the Southampton defense some hassle, and created a number of chances, including some amazing crosses into the D by Alice Shoebridge, who gets special mention for playing on following a nasty hit to the knee by a ball.

The first half ended 0-0 and although Romsey had been playing well there was still scope for improvement. A good half time team talk form coach Dave Edwards, ensured Romsey went into the second half knowing what they had to do to improve their performance and win the game.

The beginning of the second half was all about Romsey, playing a large proportion in Southamptons half. More chances came and went, until finally player of the match Bobs Cooper, made a fantastic run straight through the middle, past a couple of players, to the top of the D, where she instantly took a shot that hit the top bar and deflected in past a shocked Southampton keeper.

Following this Southampton switched back on and started to fight, however the back line of Maree Welch, Bethan Knights, Sally Shrubb and Gigi Herbert did their bit and kept Southampton out with some excellent defense, supported by a solid midfield at all times. The final five minutes were some of the best hockey the ladies 2’s have played this season, as a calm team worked together to hold onto the win.

Although a close game, it was a fantastic win that came from a team performance and everyone working for each other right until the final whistle. If the team continue to improve and develop as they have done over these first few matches they are set to have a great season together and to win a fair few more matches.

Ladies 2nd XI (1) V (1) Petersfield XI

Scorer: Humpries

With the sun shining Romsey 2nds earn themselves a hard fought point against Petersfield.

The first half of the match saw end-to-end action with Petersfield winning themselves several attacking short corners. Despite force and accuracy the unbreakable defensive trio of Sally Shrubb, Tracy Nicholls and Maree Welch deflected every volley from the Petersfield forwards.

The second half of the match saw some great passing from Romsey who kept possession. It was only moments before they won a short corner injected by Amy Edwards. The ball was powered towards the goal with a straight strike from Lesley Humpries deflected off a Petersfield defender straight into the goal. Romsey 1, Petersfield 0.

However, Petersfield ever the opportunists were quick on the break; attacking the Romsey defense. Some determination and speed of the Romsey midfield with some strong tackling and nuisance hassling was not enough to stop the attack. Petersfield equalised the match with a blinding strike that lifted before deflecting from the top right of the post behind the keeper, 1-1.

Romsey fought hard to gain advantage and take the lead but it wasn’t long before the final whistle was blown. Romsey earning well fought and deserved point. Some phenomenal goal-keeping, defensive organisation and camaraderie from new-comer to the team: Goal-keeper Ange Cryne.

Winchester 3rd XI (3) vs (1) Ladies 2nd XI

Scorer: Gilbert

Romsey Ladies 2s travelled down the road to King’s School, Winchester to play against the home sides Ladies 3rd team.

From the first whistle both teams battled hard to maintain possession and break through the oppositions defence. Winchester were to be successful first earning a short corner moments into the game. However, Romsey defended valiantly with Gigi Herbert and Sally Shrubb clearing the ball to the wings. Taking full advantage of this break Romsey drove to attack, though it was unsuccessful. Winchester made the most of this and broke powering down the length of the pitch to score a well-earned goal.

Heads held high Romsey battled to regain possession and replied with a strong attack winning a short corner. Amy Edwards injected to Lesley Humpries at the top of the D, who powered a fantastic strike on goal; only to be deflected by the Winchester Keeper and followed by two more deflections.

Winchester gained and maintained possession working their way up the pitch before earning another short corner and a goal. Heads held high Romsey continued to pressurise Winchester though the home team scored a third goal moments before half time.

The second half of the match saw end-to-end action with some great passing from Romsey who kept possession. Luckily player of the match Tilda Bryant lead by example in the mid-field, with ferocious blocks, expertly timed and lots of grit and determination. Bryant fought hard to drive the ball up the wing repeatedly, strengthening the Romsey attack.

Romsey dominated in the second half and a whole-hearted team effort with excellent passing from Alice Shoebridge and Emma Bouchard into the D, Anna Gilbert was able to convert.

A hard match for Romsey but some very skilful hockey from Romsey and some outstanding goal keeping from youngster Georgie Pugh.

Ladies 2nd XI (8) vs (0) United Services Portsmouth

Scorers: Humpreys (4) Gilbert (1) Palmer (1) Edwards (1) Cooper (1)

After a tough game to start the season last week Romsey fought hard with determination learning from the previous game to win on home soil against Untied Services Portsmouth.

With the sun shining Romsey 2nds made full advantage of the first pushback and earnt a short corner within minutes, which was converted by a blinding straight strike from Lesley Humpreys: a new addition to the team this season after moving from the Ladies 3’s. USP battled back hard taking full advantage of any 50/50 balls. However, with only 10 players and Romsey began to prove there is strength in numbers and soon Humphreys and Ella Palmer converted another two injections from the midfield, making it 3-0.

Heads held high USP battled to regain possession and replied with a strong attack winning a short corner. A strong injection from the opposition but unfortunately after powering a fantastic strike on goal and some unlucky deflections the Romsey defenders dominated clearing the ball. Releasing it to midfields who broke releasing to the Romsey forwards and Amy Edwards who made it 4-0. As half time approached Romsey made another break down the wing and injected into the D where Humphreys made it 5-0 before the whistle went.

The second half of the match saw end-to-end action with some great passing from Romsey who kept possession. However, USP the opportunists were quick on the break, battling to win themselves another short corner. It was in this half that Bobs Cooper, first game for the team and Romsey player of match lead by example with her incredible defensive skills, ferocious blocks, expert timing along with pure grit and determination, she worked hard in midfield setting Humpreys up to make it 6-0. Moments later after a fantastic cross from Emma Bouchard, cool as a cucumber Cooper dribbled behind the goalkeeper and tapped the ball over the line to make it 7-0.

United Services Portsmouth never faltered, their camaraderie and determination saw them gain possession of Romsey repeatedly and it wasn’t long before they were breaking quickly and attacking; proving the game isn’t over until the final whistle. On their final attack on goal, Romsey defense effortlessly cleared the ball to ophie Hurley on the left who powered the ball down the wing before sweeping it across the goal where Anna Gilbert perfectly positioned tapped it into the corner, 8-0.

A very well deserved win for Romsey who played well as a team and communicated with each other maximising their strengths. An incredible well done for United Services Portsmouth who demonstrated the perfect example of good sportsmanship: battling until the end, high spirited and full of camaraderie.

Romsey Ladies 2nd XI (1) V (1) Havant 4th XI

Scorer: Robinson

With the sun shining Romsey 2nds earn themselves a hard fought point against Havant 4th.

Moments after the first whistle Havant scored an early goal after a nail-biting deflection from the Romsey defence. The ball hit the post and rolled a foot away from the goal but a Havant player was stood awaiting the deflection and converted the chance to take the score to 1-0.

Heads held high Romsey battled to regain possession and replied with a strong attack winning a short corner. Ella Palmer injected to Shelia Forbes at the top of the D, who powered a fantastic strike on goal; valiantly saved by the Havant Keeper though followed by two more deflections. Romsey battled valiantly with a final cross to Karen Robinson on the post who put away the equalizer.

The second half of the match saw end-to-end action with some great passing from Romsey who kept possession. However, Havant the opportunists were quick on the break. Luckily player of the match Marie Welch lead by example with her incredible defensive skills, ferocious blocks, expert timing along with pure grit and determination, she halted Havant in their attacks repeatedly. Romsey dominated in the second half but unfortunately were unable to convert the goals, though gained themselves a hard fought point with a draw.

Romsey Ladies 2nd XI (2) V (1) Winchester 3rd XI

Scorers: Edwards, Williams

Romsey fielded a solid team against the notoriously good Winchester side. Romsey started well with some excellent attacking passing between the midfield, of Emily Pitt Pitts, Emma Bouchard and Sophie Hurley. As a consequence they produced lots of chances to go into the lead, but try as they did, no-one could quite come up with the finishing touch to give Romsey their first goal.

Against the spell of play Winchester made a quick break down the middle and with the Romsey defense struggling to get back in time, the goalkeeper, Katrina Penn-Newman, was left in a one to one situation. She confidently came out to the player, and unfortunately and without intent managed to trip the Winchester forward leading to the awarding of a P-flick, which was consequently scored and left Romsey 1-0 down at half time.

After half time a quick break from Romsey and a very committed strike from Amy Edwards took the score to 1-1. The Romsey morale was up and their play was confident with some great switching round the back from the defenders and some brilliant runs into space by player of the match Emily Williams, more opportunities arose.

Romsey fought their way to a penalty corner, which with a great partnership between Sheila Forbes and Emily Williams, led to another goal and a score of 2-1 in Romsey’s favour. The final 10 minutes required Romsey to defend hard against constant pressure from Winchester, but the cool heads of the defensive back line and some solid saves by the keeper meant they kept it off the goal line till the final whistle.

This was a solid and well deserved win for the Romsey Ladies 2nds after a tough few losses in the recent matches.

Romsey Ladies 2s (1) vs (5) Fareham 2s

Scorer: Williams

After a break from league matches last weekend Romsey 2nd XI were hosting top of the division Fareham 2nd XI, in what was always going to be a tough game.

Fareham started the 1st half with push back but Romsey soon closed them down and had some good possession play with the ball being transferred across and around the pitch.

Unfortunately Fareham regained possession and forced a free hit just outside of the D from which they scored their 1st goal.

Romsey drove forward again with some quick passing and some skill full moves from youngster and player of the match Sheila Forbes, getting into the D but Romsey were not able to hit the net.

Before half time Fareham converted a short corner. Romsey started the second half under pressure and made some errors but soon settled down again but Fareham were pressing hard to score a third goal.

Their fourth was a shot from outside the D that was deflected into the top of the net, then a fifth came for them.

Romsey didn’t let their heads go down and were rewarded when they scored their one goal with a cross from Emily Pitt-Pitts on the right to Emily Williams in the D who touched the ball reverse stick into the goal 2 minutes from the final whistle.

The final score doesn’t reflect how much effort Romsey put in and well done to the young players who stepped up to play their first adult game.

Ladies 2s (1) vs (2) Fleet & Ewshot 1s

Scorer: Gladstone

It was a frosty morning as Romsey Ladies 2nd XI journeyed north for an nerve racking match against top of the division Fleet and Ewshot.

With a depleted squad of just 11 players and a team who have yet to loose at home it looked like it would be a tough game.

In the first half Romsey calmly defended an onslaught of short corners against them. Some impossible saves were made by striker turned goal keeper Amy Edwards. Sally Shrubb took a ball to the arm but valiantly played on for the full 70 minutes.

With the score line at 0-0 at half time Romsey stayed cool to keep possession against a flustered Fleet side. Suddenly Romsey saw their opportunity. A swift ball up the line to Emily Williams who then out ran her defender all the way to the base line to slot a perfectly times ball to Cat Gladstone who was waiting of the penalty spot to finish it in the near corner.

The opposition replied winning a shot corner, which was unfortunately stopped on the line by player of the match Bethan Knights (joint with Jane Wheeler who came out of hockey retirement for this match only). A penalty stroke was awarded leaving Amy Edwards one on one with Fleets top forward. She dived to the floor but missed by inches.

In the final two minutes a goal mouth scramble off of yet another short corner lead to a 1-2 loss for Romsey. The ladies, although disappointed, left content after a hard fought match in great spirits and look forward to facing the side at home next year.

Ladies 2s (3) vs (1) Petersfield 1s

Scorers: Williams, Pitt Pitts, Palmer

The ladies 2nds add three points with a 3-0 win over Petersfield to put them 4th in the table.

Romsey started with determination and had some early chances, however with Romsey playing high in Petersfield’s half a quick break from them led to some desperate defense and a resultant penalty corner. Petersfield’s corner wasn’t the best, but a little lack of concentration and a novice goalkeeper in Bethan Knights meant it was converted and Romsey went 1-0 down.

The Ladies 2nds are never to be down heartened by being a goal down, and the season has shown that often they have played there best when on the fight back, and today was to continue that theme. The rest of the half was played almost all in Petersfield’s half, with lots of chances. Finally, to everyone’s relief a short run and a quick pass of from Emily Pitt Pitts was swept into the goal by player of the match Emily Williams.

The second half started quick, with both teams battling to take the lead. A fantastic through ball from Annie Harding at right back was met on the run by Ella Palmer and quickly laid off to Emily Pitt Pitts, who calmly slotted it in behind the keeper, making the score line 2-1. The opposing team weren’t going to give up, and some tidy passing between the Petersfield midfield and forwards resulted in some dangerous play, and a they managed a couple of shots on goal. But as ever the Romsey defense battled hard and with the cool head of Gabby Herbert as sweeper, and Bethan Knights getting into the swing of being Goalkeeper, Petersfield’s brief opportunities were quickly dealt with.

Some more chances came Romsey’s way and Emily Williams made a fantastic run down the centre to leave her one on one with the Petersfield Goalkeeper, a fantastic save form the goalkeeper meant Romsey were still seeking that one more goal that would give them some security in the lead. Lots more pressure on the oppositions defense meant that goal finally came when Emily Pitt Pitts crossed the ball in from the right for Ella Palmer to slam it in two minutes from the final whistle.

With this win, Romsey Ladies 2nds continue a run of solid performances, and there is a noticeable increase in the teams confidence as a whole.

Ladies 2s (4) – (3) Winchester 3s

Scorers: Palmer, Edwards, Robinson, Bouchard

Romsey travelled a short distance to Winchester on Saturday.

The match started with Winchester having 1st pushback putting Romsey on the back foot a little but with some good defending managed to keep Winchester away from the D. Then a lovely run from Emily Williams up the right, round the back line and passing the ball back towards Ella Palmer waiting on the penalty spot to sweep it passed the goalkeeper to open up the scoring.

Winchester tried to reply, gaining a short corner only to be denied by a great save from Katrina Penn-Newman in goal.

Romsey scored again as Amy Edwards with a slow and calculated move ended in a reverse flick passed the right of the goalkeeper. On a high Romsey kept good possession and a third goal just before half-time came from a pass from Emma Bouchard to the top of the D for Karen Robinson to sweep to ball into the bottom left corner of the goal.

In the second half Winchester piled on the pressure but Romsey managed to keep them at bay, a couple of short corners were won by Romsey but could not be converted.

Winchester then found a way through Romseys defence to score a well worked goal. Winchester took advantage as Romsey became a little tired, winning two short corners resulting in two more goals bringing the score level at 3-3.

Now being under immense pressure Romsey battled hard resulting in another brilliant run from Williams, this time up the left to curl round the back line again and take a shot unfortunately to be saved but following behind to pick up the rebound was Player of the match Emma Bouchard scoring Romseys 4th goal to win the match with minutes to spare.

A very well played match by the whole team sees Romsey in 6th position in their division.

Ladies 2nd XI (0) – (0) Basingstoke 3rd XI

The ladies 2nds put up a good fight to end the match 0-0 and earn a well deserved point against Basingstoke.

Basingstoke started quickly, whilst Romsey had yet to get into their stride, and the first 10 minutes of the match were deep into Romseys half with some fantastic defense keeping the game alive. However Romsey picked up their game with some tireless work in midfield from Emma Bouchard and Emma Beeching, and our chances started to come. The first half continued with some brilliant end to end hockey, and both teams having shots on goal, but neither managing to put it away.

At half time the team was positive and a lively team talk was reduced to laughter when Emma Bouchard fell backwards over the back board into the net, earning herself the privilege of wearing the silly sausage hat with no vote required.

Both teams started the second half with determination, but it was Romsey who showed what they could do when a great ball into the D was lifted towards the goal by Emily Williams, leading the goalie to have to make an amazing save. A few breaks from Basingstoke looked dangerous, and a penalty corner against Romsey ended with a penalty flick. Man of the Match and stand in goalkeeper Becky Hutchins stepped up to the mark and with her save came huge cheers form the team and crowd. A final spell of pressure from Basingstoke towards the end of the match gave Romseys defense a challenge, but the back line of Sally Shrubb, Gabby Herbert, Tracy Nicoll and Annie Harding continued to frustrate the opposition by stopping them in their tracks.

It was a game that could have gone either way, but it was Romseys concentration and determination that meant at least it didn’t go the wrong way.

Ladies 2s (3) vs (3) City of Portsmouth

Scorers: Beeching, Bryant 2

Romsey ladies 2nd XI nailed two late goals to clinch a 3-3 draw with City Of Portsmouth

Romsey started well, controlling the game from the back for the opening quarter and were rewarded when player of the match Emily Williams made a perfectly timed run into the D to sweep in a cross from midfielder Emma Beeching.

Williams continued troubling Portsmouth’s defence forcing several saves in the first half but Romsey went into half time drawing 1-1 after a defensive mistake was punished with a penalty corner converted despite two instinctive initial saves by Keeper Georgie Pugh.

Just minutes into the second half Romsey key central midfielder Emma Bouchard went off injured and Romsey’s early composure was shaken. Ten minutes in and a string of Portsmouth short corners resulted in two more goals leaving Romsey 3-1 down. But credit to Romsey, with just 10 minutes to play they picked up the pace and pushed forward.

Tactics which paid off when Matilda Bryant got on the end of a searing cross by Emily Pitt Pitts to wrong foot the keeper and take the score to 3-2. Bryant was outstanding up front, claiming a second goal 3 minutes later, this time a deflection courtesy of ball delivered by Tracy Nicoll. Romsey were on the attack again when the final whistle went to deny them their first home win.

Ladies 2s (0) vs Basingstoke (3)

Scorers: n/a

This was a must win game for Romsey against joint ‘bottom of the table’ Basingstoke.

All started well, with Romsey determined to come away with their first win of the season despite the absence of some key players, including their keeper.

The midfield were relentless, powering through Basingstoke’s back line and enjoying most of the possession in the first half. Anna Gilbert, Helen Ford and Jade Philips all had some fantastic early shots on goal but incredibly Basingstoke’s keeper somehow managed to reach them all.

Even several text book short corner strikes by Helen Ford couldn’t find the back of the net. While Romsey were unlucky, Basingstoke capitalised on their few chances, despite a gallant effort by stand-in keeper Steph Wyant.

With another loss looking likely, Romsey threw caution to the wind in the second half, playing Wyant up front instead of in goal in a bid to win three much needed three points.

Romsey had an outstanding second half, in particular Annie Harding playing kicking back made a string of incredible saves. Despite keeping a clean sheet in the second half it wasn’t enough and the score remained 3-0.

Ladies 2s (0) vs (4)Trojans 3s

A well drilled Trojans side gave Romsey no time to settle, out-pacing Romsey’s midfield and over-running the defence from the whistle.

Romsey’s back line and stand in GK Helen Ford did well to soak up the early pressure but were unable to avoid conceding two goals in the first half.

Pouring rain delayed the second half and almost ended the game early but both sides opted to finish the fixture. As the rain slowed so did Trojans while Romsey, with nothing to lose, pushed forward and looked a transformed side. Midfielders Rachael Carr, Emily Williams and player of the match Sally Shrubb were instrumental in breaking down Trojan’s midfield and threading balls into the D.

Several shots were fired and a Romsey come back looked possible. But with Romsey playing high up the pitch Trojans seized the opportunity for stinging counter attacks against the run of play.

It was a case of too little too late with the final score 4 – 0 and Romsey Ladies 2s still to find their first win of the season.

Friendly: Ladies 2s (0) vs Eastleigh (1)

A combination of 2nd & 3rd team players took on Eastleigh in this friendly half term fixture.

Both sides took time to settle but it was Romsey who then looked the better side, confidently feeding the ball around the back line of Gabriella Herbert , Anne Harding, Penne Edwards and Tracy Nicoll to release wingers Jade Phillips, Rose Middleton and Emily Williams, who made easy work of getting into the attacking 25 meters. Increasing the pressure for Romsey were midfielders Tilda Bryant, Karen Robinson and player of the match Rachael Carr who worked tirelessly.

But after maintaining most of the possession for the first half Romsey lost concentration – and the ball, gifting Eastleigh the perfect opportunity for a counterattack. An over-confident Romsey were slow to get back which left stand-in goalkeeper Gemma Simpson in a one on one. Unfortunately for Romsey Eastleigh capitalized on the rare Romsey defensive mistake to take the lead.

The rest of the game saw Romsey continue to show some moments of brilliance, with Maree Welsh playing a key role in stifling Eastleigh’s strikers, but were unable to penetrate the Eastleigh D to equalize. A disappointing result in a very close game

Romsey 2s (0) vs (6) Haselmere 2s

Scorers: n/a

Match report to follow

Romsey 2s (1) vs (5) Southampton 3s

Scorers: Palmer

Match report to follow



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