With the season a third of the way through, it seems a good time to reflect on our goal scoring prowess!

The three ladies teams have scored 39 goals in total in this 2014-15 season.
Cat Gladstone is topping the table with a fabulous 10 goals!! (from 6 games!)
Congratulations if you’ve got on the score sheet this year! If you haven’t, then don’t fear, there’s still plenty of games left to change this table!

Romsey Ladies 1st XI have 11 goals from 7 games
Romsey Ladies 2nd XI have 10 goals from 6 games
Romsey Ladies 3rd XI have 18 goals from 6 games

Unofficial scoring tables are below:

Romsey Ladies Top Scorers

Cat Gladstone 10
Kate Olingschlaeger 5
Lesley Humphreys 4
Emily Bradshaw 2
Erica Jenner 2
Matilda Bryant 2
Emily Pitt Pitts 2
Rachel Alexander 1
Rosie Bishop 1
Emma Bouchard 1
Amy Edwards 1
Julie Evans 1
Helen Ford 1
Parminder Mew 1
Ella Palmer 1
Jade Phillips 1
Karen Robinson 1
Emily Williams 1
Megan Wilton 1

(goal tallies up to and including 15/11/14)






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